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Thread: Mk-667

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    Lightbulb Mk-667

    Has anyone used this and if so what are the results?

    I have been doing some research and it looks like a very good addition to a cycle.

    The title should read MK 677
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    Used this for 5 months and loved the results

    deep sleep
    better skin
    sprung out of bed every morning

    plan on using it long term next time

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    from what i've read so far the water retention is unbearable..

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    sleep better
    skin gets thinner
    used it in my pct but still using it lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHELSEASIL View Post
    from what i've read so far the water retention is unbearable..
    yes would have to agree it was ok when i was cutting but on my regular diet for building and maintaining gains the water bloat was too much and had to come off it after 3 months. you gut felt bloated in the guts all the time like internal pressure on your abdominal wall.

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    i dont know i've this is allowed to link to another Page - here are many User experiences :

    Just let Google Chrome translate this.

    Water Retention is very high and after a time you have to ramp up the Dosage.

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    read somewhere that just adding small aspirin tab will fix the bloat issue..

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHELSEASIL View Post
    read somewhere that just adding small aspirin tab will fix the bloat issue..
    Aspirin will not fix the bloat issue, where have you heard that? You could potentially try dandelion root and vitamin c, but the bloat is wicked as I've experienced it.

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    Try to use MK677 20-30mg ed for 7days ON then 7days OFF.

    If you are cutting use it before bed so you will avoid hunger spikes.
    If bulking in the AM so you will eat like a truck all day.

    The 7 day OFF are necessary since you need to resensitize to IGF1 and insulin resistance will be high high.

    MK677 will release HGH all day, HGH will lower blood glucose at start, but when continuously released will made you insulin resistant.

    During the OFF days use Berberine HCL before every meal and some ACV.

    LAST THING, a quote from a GREAT MEMBER of ********.org :
    So if anyone REALLY wants to go on with mk, ignore the bullshit you read elsewhere and do the following:

    25-30mg MK a day after waking up
    80mcg of huperzine A alongside
    12 Ius of lantus after 30 mins taking the mk677 and 12 hours later AGAIN (lantus does NOT have a active time of 24hrs, this has been proven alot!)
    5.000Ius of vitamin D
    5.000Ius of vitamin A
    1000mcg chromium ED (preferably pre workout)

    Run this protocol for 7 days and take 7-10 days OFF.

    on the 7 days OFF do the following:

    berberine/metformin 1,5g a DAY (3 times a day, morning, noon, before bed)
    1g EGCG
    keep chromium
    add in ACV (3 times a day)
    5g ceylon cinnamon
    2g GSE (spread throughout the day)

    Then repeat.

    To amplify ghrelin response and GH upregulation try to eat only every 5 hours, eat a large protein meal alongside good carbs (preferably white rice) and some mct/coconut oil.
    Lantus will hold ALOT just on BCAAs so try to supplement those at 15g a day (5g 3 times a day)

    This will lead to very, very high IGF1 and most importantly high IGFBP3 levels! without downregulation.

    I understand personal experience but alot of "experience" isnt really that great. Yes you will bloat on MK, just as you bloat on GH when you have a shitty diet. If you worry about a layer of water check your potassium/sodium balance, and stop eating KFC,wing stop or McAss.

    Best wishes

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