I've ordered bayer proviron before from here and it's fantastic at hardening you up and also helps to keep labido functioning well.

I have also bought anavar in 50mg and 10mg, the 50 I run myself at only 50mg a day as I'm using this more to cut fat and gain small muscle mass which its done really well.
I've gained 5lb in just over 3 weeks and can really see the definition change all over my body. Strength has gone up and I've gained since starting 15kg on a back squat from 145 to 160kg now. All lifts are way stronger and no decrease in cardio just more and more fat loss.

My partner runs 10mg car per day and has lost 5cm round her waist running the exact same work out routines as we did before and her strength goes up day by day.

Overall were very impressed and the quality of var is dam good!
Delivery was fast and I've no hesitation in ordering again.