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Thread: Drop water after cut

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    Drop water after cut

    Anyone can give me some advices on how to drop water after a cut?

    I did Dexa Scan some days ago and i'm at 7% bf, but i hold a lot of water...

    How can i get rid of that?

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    Cortisol can cause this

    Dieting is a stress to the body. It will release Cortisol in response to this.

    Wheat products can cause this.

    Artificial sweeteners

    Also there is something about apparently fat Celsius after a cut are filled with water and then you peebitbout and you get that "swoosh".l effect of weight loss

    So look at diet stress reduction and give it time it will normalised unless oestrogen is high

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    It seems that i solved it....

    My last cycle was with TEST+TREN+1mg adex eod, gyno flared up and i started letro low dose that reduced it...
    But Letro wasn't the real ANSWER because 6 days ago i started Jumex/Deprenyl (it's SELEGILINE an antiprolactine) and magically, i'm loosing water slow and steady.
    I took also an Esidrex pill to loose sodium and so water, ok it worked but the real deal was Jumex, because i kept loosing water.
    Unfortunately in Italy blood tests cost more than Pharma grade HGH, with a blood test on cycle i could easly understand what was causing the gyno...

    Monday i will start TestE TrenA NPP MastE DHB(later in the cycle) cycle but this time i won't be an ass, Jumex will be on at 5mg ED together with 1 adex EOD.

    Meanwhile i have ordered DHB Cypionate + Aromasin... unfortunately from another site.

    I drink a lot of CocaZero and no sugar drinks with aspartame... i will cut all of them then.

    Can i still use Stevia?

    BTW thx m8! Good advices as always!
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    Apparently stevia is acceptable, try it for yourself

    Prolactin does indeed cause bloof. It is why women get all bloated and puffy faces when pregnant

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    Where did you get your Selegiline from? I think I have the same problem as a result from NPP causing some prolactin issues. I thought about caber but have read it's hard to find a good source.

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    Silegiline from farmacy... here in Italy they give It without subscription..

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    Nothing.... water is still there can't get rid of it.... FFS!

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    More potassium

    Are you stressed?

    Drink more water

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