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Thread: hello i need some help.

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    hello i need some help.

    Hey everyone i have a question and i need your help. Sorry about my english if you dont understand something!

    Today i am 27 years old 1.81cm 78kg with body fat around 20-22%.

    Years ago i lost 70kg. I had ypothyroidism and i took T4 for 2 years at the age 18-20. Today i am fine with that. Also i had gynecomasty and i had a surgery at the same age of 19.

    So we are here today and i tried body recomposition for one year and nothing good happened... I tried very hard eating clear food and working withouat any special result so i decide to take a cycle with anavar and maybe primobolan.

    I want somebody to tell me if i will have a problem with side effects due to my old problem of having gynecomasty.

    Also about my high body fat what is your opinion, there will be big problem if i do a cycle with anavar at 20% body fat ?
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    Fist off, oral only cycles are not worth it.
    Second, your bf is really high to start a first cycle. Just cut down naturally and then start the basic 500mg Test-E/C EW to see how you respond.
    Diet and training has to be in check first before even thinking about starting gear.

    Nobody can tell you how you will react to gear, some have no gyno issues some really bad sides.

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    1) diet
    2) wo
    3) AAS and other drugs

    AAS won't make you loose fat! They build muscles.

    Your BF is really high, PRIMOBOLAN is a good choice since it's DHT derivative, but i won't invest on it now just stick to a simple plan: TEST+MASTERON.
    Since you need to loose BF and i think that you will be in a hurry you have to start dieting with nutrient dense foods.

    DO NOT RECOMP, it's just time lost, CUT or BULK

    Now you need to SATIATE so i think that better thing will be to stay at 250-300g prots (chicken breast, egg whites) and then do 5-6 meals a day.
    I eat 6 meals a day 50g prots each one.

    Try to eat like that.

    1) 500g egg whites with 1 scoop of oats, mix them together cook it like an ufo.
    2) 1 grapefruit + 200g chicken breast (or 2 scoop protein shake)
    3) 3/4 rice cakes + 200g chicken breast + huge salad with a bit of vinegar and olive oil (just a bit)
    4) 1 grapefruit + 200g chicken breast (or 2 scoop protein shake)
    5) 200g chicken breast + huge salad with a bit of vinegar and olive oil (just a bit)
    6) 2 scoop protein shake + 3 omega3 pills before bed

    Don't use dressings since they are full of hidden calories.
    Don't cheat, you are fat and you don't deserve it now.
    Hungry? Satiate with egg whites.

    Do cardio on bike LISS 30-40 min 3 times per week fasted in the morning, take your mobile phone with you, listen to the music, read w/e.
    After cardio then have your first meal.

    Do your WO 3/4 times per week, high reps (20-10 reps) low weights, 1 hour max maximum effort, no chat no girls no jerking around, after WO do whatever you want
    Give emphasis to LEGS and BACK since they are HUGE muscles and they will consume tons of cals and stimulate HGH skyhigh.
    V tape, nice legs is what you want.
    Sleep 6-8h per night, as someone said "YOU WILL GROW OUTSIDE THE GYM".

    OK now DRUGS:

    T3 50mcg ed (take them all together in the morning)
    Clenbuterol 60mcg ed (start with 20mcg then taper it up slowly to 60mcg ed, don't do 2w on 2w off, it's just broscience, you are on T3 it will reset receptors)

    AAS: 200-300mg Test E + 400mg Masteron E (each week) (inject it 2 times a week same siringe) + 1mg Adex eod (this will keep gyno and estrogens in check)

    AAS therapy will build muscles while you diet, fat burners will help loosing fat, but remember you have to do EVERYTHING. WO+DIET+DRUGS

    Do that for 2 months then we will see results
    MIRROR is you SCALE. If you see yourself too watery cut complex carbs for a while, then reintroduce it.
    FIRST 2 weeks maybe you won't see anything, AAS will enter in 4 weeks, but fatburners will work NOW.
    When at 15% BF then you can add Trenbolone to cut even more to a new shape or you can just keep everything going.

    When pretty lean you can run it ofc... but not less than 1g EW and 150-300mg Test for at least 20 weeks.
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    SKIP orals for now.
    Want a nice body? Start PINNING. Like all celebrities do

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    Jaxino my food is exactly as you said. Lot of chicken breast, egg whites etc.. No alcohol no sugar. Body recomp is a waste of time you are correct... I lost almost one year doing it and the results were poor and i am very disapointed.

    I do 40 minutes cardio every morning before eating but i am afraid of cutting more.

    Will i have a big problem if i do a small cycle at body fat of 20%?

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