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Thread: tren after some info

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    tren after some info

    Right not used tren in a cycle always wanted to use it but never have , all the things you hear people say about the sides is it best to run tren ace first time round just incase i dont get on with it so its in and out of my system . if i stick to it is mon , wed , fri going to be enough ? if i dont get any sides then ill know i can use e of a mix blend i should be ok as ive never had any sides to any thing , will be useing this during bulk be greatfull for any info . cheers

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    if i stick to it is mon , wed , fri going to be enough ?
    Maybe ... maybe not... You might actually get more sides because of it being so infrequent... but sides/???? I would be doing ED but @ 50mg/day if worried.

    will be useing this during bulk
    You'll find it actually VERY HARD to gain weight on tren... I know some people say they do it.. and the gains you make are solid ones etc.. but when the scale doesn't move and you are eating like a horse... i never found it to be a suitable choice to bulk.

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    thanks for the reply , if i have to pin ed i would if it means full benifits from it , gaining weight not a problem as i just want to shape up abit of what ive got only on my mind as acouple of the big lads down the gym do well on it . have sent you a pm cheers

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    deffnintly agreed with MR BIG

    tren is best pinned ed you will get least sides and most benefit

    never tried bulking on tren so cant comment, 50mg ed with some bulking compounds seems like a great idea tho

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    To bulk you can just use higher anabolics and less tren

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    I agree

    Tren makes it hard to make the scale move!!

    If I were you, I'd use 350 test enth a week (250 mg E5D), 600 deca a week and 200 trenbolone hex aka Parabolan E3D

    350 test will give you good gains as it is but not the best, I like to keep test lower as you get all the strength gains at 300-350 as you would at high dosages without all the bloof and need for AI. 600 deca gives you more LBM than 600 test, makes you look thick and awesome not mushy like 600 test would!! A high dose of deca will make you look better than a high dose of test. Finally add some tren hex or tren enth at a low dosage in just to keep your skin tight and add some shape/conditioning.

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    thanks for the replys , think im gonna try and start with 50mg aday and see how it goes

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    Quote Originally Posted by vax View Post
    thanks for the replys , think im gonna try and start with 50mg aday and see how it goes
    Even something as small as 25mg tren ED will have a noticeable effect. It took me a few runs with tren before my body got used to the sides.

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    Attempted to bulk once with tren in the mix. Scale didn't move enough for me, bulking is more of a comfort time for me, high test/deca/oral and let my body enjoy it. I save the tren for cutting hard

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    If you're really worried about sides mate, I would run some masteron with it, deals with a lot of the sides for me to the point I even forget I'm running tren some days.

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