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Thread: Competition prep after 6 year lay off with all MTS produkts

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    And one more just for fun.
    None of these pictures are filtered or taken with pump. Just relaxt pictures taken on off day with no altereation in food or whatever.
    Please post comments and feedbacks. Not all negatiev Feedbacks

    Again big thanx to you MTS guys for giving me the chance to make a comeback

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    Sorry guys, I finally figured out how to upload the pictures (i think)

    Before pic:


    After pic:

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    One more after 7 weeks


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    Hello guys,

    Update 10 weeks in:
    fat%: 8%

    Yes the real deal 8%. Getting harder and leaner and stronger everyday.
    Still training 4 days a week. Yesterday Leg Press 1430 pounds 10 reps, Hack sq 530 pounds etc..
    Calories on training days 5500. Non training days 3500.
    Because leaning out so fast wil be upping calories by 500 every day.
    Again big Thanx to MTS for making this possible. The longer i take the produkts the better it gets, And absolutly no PIP or any kind of swelling.
    Thats it for now guys

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    Alot better mate
    Last pic.. your shits getting nice and tight dude 😎

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    Back looking thick and nice v-taper

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    Thanx for support mad4it en kipp. Doing my best considering my injury and heavy astmatic en gastric problems. I am confident that by the end of the year I am going to reach my best condition ever with the help of MTS.

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    Some pic 2 weeks ago

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