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Thread: NabbaNI & PCA Ireland 8 weeks out

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    Power still increasing week by week this is my 5th week in to my prep and at the very start I couldnt deadlift or squat 20kg plates eachside due to injuries now im well over 200kg club with reps

    Took some MTM pre workout last night before this defo felt it!

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    you look amazing, keep it up, team MTS!

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    Update - I got tonsillitis almost 2 weeks back and some bacteria has went into my stomach from it so ive to get it removed and put on anti-bios, Coach has pulled me from NabbaNI which is 2 weeks this saturday because of the water ill hold on stage and the fact I havent been getting in enough food, body is pretty run down so main goal now is to get this over and focus on PCA Ireland in 5 weeks and then go for the bodypower show if we win my class.

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    Weights up around 4-5kg mostly water but muscles very flat & stringy has food is nowhere near what it was before, will keep updated next few weeks! thanks

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    You're a beast bro, sorry you had to pull out of the other show. Good luck with your upcoming show

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    Great physique, thats some mass! I'm in

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    Thanks buddy, it could be a blessing in disguise trying 2 peak for 2 shows so close would of been hard anyway so all focus on pca now, only diff between the shows is that in pca you in money and all cats get put into the overall

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    Feeling much better, food back in and power back - another PB during prep on deadlift! currently running ment,ace,mast,primo and lean xtreme

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