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Thread: So sick of this - HERE'S THE TRUTH!

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    So sick of this - HERE'S THE TRUTH!

    I found this a good read... (source)

    This is the truth from an IFBB PRO:

    If your diet, training, health and rest are completely up to scratch, the more steroids you take, the bigger you will get. It's as simple as that.

    Pros have got their diet, training (health for the most part) and rest up to a standard that works for them perfectly, but they are only the size they are due to the drugs they take. Don't believe the crap from anyone, that they are not, even from the 'in the know' people that are on this board. Those very same people for the most part have used/use extremely higher dosages than what they preach. Why do they preach the low dosages? - various personal agendas.

    Reality is that as a rule, 1g per week of test non stop year round is the 'off' time for the pros. Gear is added as it's obtained - no real detailed cycles as such. As long as they take the high dosages of gear, they'll grow (as long as the diet, training, health and sleep is up to scratch as mentioned previously).

    Several grams of test per week, several grams of anabolics per week, up to 2g/week of tren, a shit load of orals, insulin several times a day year round, GH as much as can be afforded - 15 to 30IU/day, etc.

    BUT, pros have the genetics to have their bodies accept the gear, and generally not get sick on it.

    And ancilliary use is huge - liver aids to the max, anti-e's, dht blockers, cardio supps, cholesterol supps, etc.

    Still, most of them are complete wrecks. They can't control bodily functions, they pass out from walking a flight of stairs, they get drenched in sweat from tying their shoelaces. Gyno, baldness, dry skin, gout, excess bodily hair, acne, etc are ALL existent in virtually all of them.

    It is not a healthy sport, drug use is ENORMOUS, but to ignore it and to preach otherwise is pathetic and not what this site is about.

    BTW, Synthetek's books have on them who's who of current pros ordering Syntherol constantly. They ALL use it extensively. It is pathetic though, when one orders a bottle and their credit card gets declined due to not enough funds. You think a 30+ yo would have his life in order more than that.

    Anyway, I'm sick of seeing the bullshit that has been promoted on this site the last few years. This site was originally set up as an uncensored place where you can find the truth about advanced performance enhancing, regardless of consequences. It's getting back to that.

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    But it is important to also know that taking grammes of aas without hgh and slin is a waste! U need the hgh and slin to make proper use of 2g+ a week test, 250+ mg ed tren a etc

    Ronnie Coleman even said in an interview "I started taking vitamin T D..." then said "Wow! This was the difference between winning and losing!? I wish I did it earlier!"

    This being said my first experience with test was an amp of legit norma e5d (350 mg a week) and it was amazing! I am a pler tho so ai dont care for looks or size, well i care about size I dont want to go above 90 Kg lol!, but I gained mass quick gained a lot of strength and thixkened up big time and was horny 24/7

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    great great post man !

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    dude, this is such an amazing post

    starting to like this place more and more, no bullshit

    this is the truth, gona send to this to a few ppl now haha

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    This is the truth, but at the same time it's best to be honest to yourself about how developed you are. Its the worst mistake you can do with training - training like a world class athlete when you are not, so equally it's my belief it's a mistake to take the hormones a pro bb does when you don't have near enough lean muscle

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    Agreed Smon

    This is is why I put my client on an amp of sustanon 250 e5d no ai for 6 wks
    He was small!! Lost a lot of muscle from adhd drugs his dr gave him... Like 181 14% bf 6 ft 2.5 was 200 12% bf unhormonised before hand

    could he have taken 2 amps e 5d? Sure. Would he have gained mass at a greater rate? Yep! But the sides wouldnt have been worth t! Why use 700 mg a week when 350 for 6 weeks then another 4 wks with 10 mg-20 mg sd gave him wonderful reaults he is elated with abd disnt get puffy stayed dry his sex drive was amazing strong erections no acne no daxial bloat massive gains! Hes 198 10% now so back to where he was plus a bit more! Hes on 25 pharm prop 50 mts tren ace now cutting in a small 300 defecit doing.iifym 20% prot 55% carb 15% fat 3700 kcals 5 l fluids ed (he is a.manual worker)so we are aiming to recomp him down to 8% bf over 12 wks while adding somenice alabs of musclekeeping him dry lean feeling good minimal sides adding 20 mg or 30 mg sd for 3 wks at 3-6 then 50 mg ed mast prop 6-12 9-12 will be.max.conditioning probably 20 halo ed 30-45 mg winny ed 10-20 mg sd edReally make him look dramatic in addition to the prop tren and mast

    Couls he make better gains on 50 prop 75-100 tren a ed? Yep! But would it e worth the high blood.pressure for 12 wks (he has bp.issues we are working hard on controling) acne insomnia etc when he will be 195-200 7-8% on lower dosage or 200-205 7% moreseperation on high dosage? I asked him if hed rather be feelin good less chance.f acne.etc and be 5 lbs lighter or so ans 1% bf.more.or have worse sides and have a bit better gains and he chose less.sides.leas gains

    The mindset of a champion is sides dont matter, maximiskng progress towards goals matters
    He doeant.have a.champion mindset, he just wants to have fun get good gains enjoy his life

    ofc when he gets bigger he will have no choice, large dosages and sides.or no progress
    maybe he will be happy with a body above his genetic limit which looks good? Agaim not champ.mindset champs wont settle for anything other than the max they arephysically capable of getting. Any way to puah it futher no matter sides they will do it

    But he just wants to enjoy the gym have a good strong healthy body, be able to go swimming in the pool and be fas, ride a bike 15 miles for fun etc

    Not everyone who uses gear wants to be a bber so no point using huge doaages if you dont aspire to be 6% 210 lbs contest conditioning dry on diuretics etc or even bigger with hgh and slin

    Most of us here have the goal.of getting as big and conditioned and aymetrical etc as poasible some like me be wr setting plers
    not everyone tho

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    Powertard - I think you are missing the point. Of course you should make gains on less and make more gains on more... but it's not describing side effects as a determinant for not reducing dose.

    The point was a pro is a pro because they have a high tolerance to side effects (but still get them), they can take more gear, they do take more gear, and the only reason why they are that big is because they take shit loads of gear.

    and it's those people who take shit loads of gear usually preach low dosages as the key to success.

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    I see
    yeah lol... If u want to be a pro bber, somewhere along the line nowadays ull have to take everything under the kitchen sink and the kitchen sink.itself lol

    maybe it was different in the mid 80s early 90s where being 220 lbs on stage was considered BIG or 230 lbs a freak... 200-210 lbs on stage would have got.u a pro card easy if u were symetrical etc..

    Well not anymore. 205 6 ft on stage will be good enough to win a decentish show.. Maybe..

    Markus ruhl in 2003 was on stage at 303 lbs... 5 ft 9.5
    Sure he wasnt olympia ready and he wasnt amazing conditioned or 4% bf but he was lean and had good conditioning not great but good...he was 275 2002 olympia shredded dehydrated

    big ramy was 330+ not quite stage cond but def cond enough to make ur head turn and tuen again..

    Back in them days sure... Maybe u could become pro with 600 mg pharm teat enth 600-800 pharm deca some real legit dbol/adrol in off seasonand test prop mast adrola bit of deca on stage..

    Well.nowadays no fucking chance. Not with hgh and slin in the picture. Bbers back before hgh and slin trained their.muscles to be a structural entity... Nowadays with slin hgh allowing u to use immense dosages of anabolics and slin saturating.muscles with carbs.and water they train it to be a storage entitt... Store as much water carbs.etc in the right plaxes bbing nowadays is a game of water and getting that water in the muscle with glycogen and.not sub q.

    U want to e pro? Well ur gonna.have to be on 8-16 IU hgh a day... Fda hgh.. Insulin at 100+ IU a day grammes and grammea of anabolics... Increlex® if.u can find it...
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    Also I believe the age at which they start steroids matters. Most of the IFBB Pro start early . This leads to quality growth overtime.

    You cannot expect to go PRO if you start late in age, unless you have hefty dose of FDA GH at disposal.

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