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Thread: fat loss

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    fat loss

    may seem like a stupid question to those in the know
    but what would be a good counterpart to use with clen?
    i need something to act as an appetite suppressant
    so that my hunger is lowered, its taken a fair while to
    get below 19stone.
    i used ephedrine some years ago with moderate success and without the shakes or anything
    and a mild to moderate appetite reduction
    and again about 2 years ago but with no real success at all and no loss of appetite

    im basically looking at dropping at least 2 to 3 stone.
    i picked up some clen and wondered what could go along
    with it to enhance its results.
    a big part of it for me is needing an appetite suppressant
    please be kind lol

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    I would still say ephedrine, but possibly you were taking too little before.

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    ephedrine is good for it, destroys my appetite. Clen never did much for me appetite wise. superdrol wrecked my appetite but it's a harsher compound so there's that.. anadrol helps keep appetite low in some people if you're not opposed to orals.

    but practically speaking, ECA in good enough doses should really do it for you.

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    true maybe the first batch i had was a stronger dosage
    thanks for your advice its muchly appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR BIG View Post
    I would still say ephedrine, but possibly you were taking too little before.
    more than likely as both batches were from different sources and non marked or branded so
    really could of been any strength.
    thanks for the tip Mr Big

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    There is not a huge amount you can do about your appetite long term bro. I now recognise the effects of all foods on my body. Its a slow burner but I simply try and keep an eye on insulin spikes and avoid them. Shit food makes me feel like shit now. Im super sensitive to garbage.

    I was over 20stone last June, now Im just under 17st but I have a 35in waist so I don't look my weight any more. Best thing for results, certainly for me was MTS Leangain. 1ml ed and I worked out at home most days. After a short time I added in more Tren. Was upto 1ml of MTS Lean gain and 1ml of extra tren ed. Whatever it fuckin takes. My body changed dramatically. Scales are in the bin. I used 75mg of T3 ed too but thats just window dressing. Appetite suppression is one thing but getting shut of the chunky stuff you have should imho be priority number one. The rest will happen naturally. Good luck Johnny. (all of this is based on me presuming you aint muscly as fuck under all that anyway!)

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    I would just like to add that fat burners are an accessory not the solution. Ultimately it comes down to your diet and if you're eating to much you'll need to offset it with some cardio.

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    Diet is key it can't be stressed enough when you got your diet dialled in the body fat just drops off!!

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    Sibutramine is an appetite surpressent I believe

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