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Thread: 12 week cyle advise

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    Question 12 week cyle advise

    Hi guys, in 2 months I will start my new cycle, but before I start I would like to ask for some suggestions
    This will be my 6th cycle or so. Last cycle gave me a good 5-6kg of gains fortunately.

    Starting at first injection 2 up to max 3 weeks of 1 tablet Bulkbomb (100mg) a day 1 hour pre-workout.

    12 week cycle, 1 inject a week of:
    - Testosteron E 300mg
    - Trenbolone E 600mg
    - Masteron E 400mg

    PCT cycle
    - Last two weeks of my cycle (week 11 and 12) I will take 1000iu Pregnyl each two days.
    - One week after my last injection I will start 8 weeks of PCT (proviron, clomid, tamoxifen, cialis) 100mg a day.

    Food ftw
    My schema currently is at 3250 / 3500kcal a day including two Whey shakes.
    Will take vitamines C, D, Iron, Kreatine et cetera.

    I want to do a 5 day training split i.e:
    - monday upper body
    - tuesday lower body
    - wednesday off day
    - thursday upper body
    - friday lower body
    - saturday upper body
    - sunday off day

    Do you have any suggestions on how to improve my cycle, and especially (cant afford HGH unfortunately) how to get the best out of my PCT cycle so my natural testosteron will get back as quick as possible?

    Best regards

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    Cycle ratios look decent, though this is a cycle I'd attribute more towards recomping and leaning out. You can grow on Tren, but then you'd have a much easier time growing off Deca (or even Primo if your concern losing your aesthetics to bloat). I wouldn't be expecting anywhere near the same 5kg to 6kg from a Tren cycle, but whatever weight you do gain off this cycle will be quality and dry gains.

    I'd assume the reason you picked Tren was for the same as what I listed above - you want to prioritise dry and quality muscle while maintaining lean aesthetics while growing? If that's the case then I wouldn't bother about the bulk bombs. I'd go with something drier like say Tbol.

    But if I misunderstood your intentions and you are after as much size as humanly possible, then I'd tell you to drop the Tren, up the Test, and consider throwing some Deca in there.

    Please also have an AI on hand. For what you're intending to run, plus with Masteron in your stack to help mitigate things, I highly doubt you'll run into estrogen problems unless you're very sensitive/prone. But nonetheless it's always good to have AIs on hand just in case your nipples start to itch and your estrogen starts flaring up.

    I won't say much about actual doses because I don't know your stats so I can't say if it's enough or too much for you. But all the best buddy make some solid gains.

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    Hi Coach, thanks so much for your (good!!) answer
    That was indeed the reason I chose tren. Also because I like tren, my body reacts very good to it and I have never ever had any side effects during or after my cycle. Gains are clearly noticable every time and I would say I am able to keep 90% of the gains that I made. If it would help, I could bump up the Test a little and take 600 test instead of 300 but I dont know if the 300 difference would make it harder for my body's natural testosteron to get back up again after the cycle or not?

    Anyways, I got this stuff in house atm and it is the same as I used the last 5 or 6 times so for now ill go with this. I could give the "up the Test, and consider throwing some Deca" a try. Tried that a long time ago but I didnt really like it, it wasnt Med-tech gear so maybe that was the reason

    Any suggestion for a good AI?

    About my stats, I didnt post them here because on most boards people would just make stupid comments and flame et cetera lol but my stats are:

    32 years old, 90kg, 1.85 centimeters length. BF around 14 - 16%. I bench 140kg, deadlift 200kg and all with good form. I know 90kg is nothing but thats just how my body is.

    I have been eating 3500kcal a day for the last 4 years or so, strictly following my schema, I do gain muscle but I dont gain weight. Sounds strange but yeah... every person
    is different and this is how my body acts. I grow, i get stronger A LOT, you clearly see nice gains at every cycle but my weight stays low.

    My doctor even examined me, ran some tests et cetera and everything is perfectly fine and she told me the same. Some people are blessed with the gift that they can eat what ever
    they want, as much as they want, but they will never grow as big / fat ass other people and vice versa for people who eat almost nothing but gear pounds like nothing.

    Thanks again for your reply

    Again, thanks for your reply!

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    I don't see what's there to flame when we all start somewhere, we're all here to learn and we're all here to make progress. But that being said, 14% to 16% a little on the high side, and certainly a range that I would not want to start a bulk at. You have to remember that your body would always want to stay in a state of homeostasis, meaning that your body wants to stay in the same state and is not very willing to change. So going by this, bulks should always start from a very lean base, single digit body fat levels if possible, to maximise what you can get out of your cycle. You will notice that between starting lean and starting at higher levels of body fat, you could gain the same amount of scale weight over the same cycle, but the composition of this weight gain will be drastically different. If you start lean, you're going to put on more lean mass.

    I'd say if you're gonna run that stack, drop the bulk bombs and focus on leaning out first. You're a pretty strong guy and you seem to have good genetic response with recomping (when you say gain muscle but not gain weight), so I'd say drop the calories a little and focus your training on maintaining that strength you have. Wait till you get a little leaner, then you could pull out the Tren, up the Test and throw the bulk bombs in to grow. That, or do a Test/Deca cycle. You do not want to run Test/Deca at your current body fat levels because it'll just make you look bloated and mushy - always start lean when you're using those compounds for the best benefits.

    Now if you do decide that getting lean isn't in your interests or goals and you just want to grow, then I'd say keep the Test at 300. No point increasing when you're already running a pretty good amount of everything else. For AI you can use Aromasin or Arimidex. Keep it on hand and only use it when you need to.

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    Thanks for your advise, many good words ^^

    The problem I have, and maybe that is why a lot of people would flame if I would post it on other forums, is that with my metabolism it is almost impossible to either gain weight or lose weight.
    In the past, after trying to many things, and doing 4 days a week cardio for an hour and not losing a single percentage of fat I got frustrated and decided to almost stop eating.

    I kept on training 5 days a week, I would eat 2 sandwiches a day and just my warm meal in the evening. I drank 2 liters of water a day and thats it. I did this for 6 months, and only lost 1kg of weight but zero body fat percentage. The weird thing is, I almost lost no muscle at all. I asked my doctor about this and she said that this is the way "some people!" their body work. Dont eat, or eat all you want, it makes (almost) no difference. Can see it as a blessing, can see it as a curse lol either way I dont like it and I tried many, many things but none really worked so far.

    The same goes when I bulk. I do gain (some) weight but no matter how much I eat, I have never ever grown over the 100kg line in weight. Did a 1 year bulk on 5000kcal a day and that got me to 100kg and increased my BF by 1% or 2% only. I do gain muscle though so yeah... strange, hard to explain but as said when you tell this to people the answers you get most of the time are things like:

    - learn to eat properly sucker
    - learn to lift real weight
    - your not putting any effort in it

    Long story short, my body is a moth..... and probably I am one of those people who would have to dedicate their life and -or adept their way of living to archive what I would like to have, but unfortunately that is not a possibility and that's why I am satisfied with what I have now. I'm lean, but not ripped but that's oke... im 32 not 25 anymore haha

    Since I got the gear in house, ill do this cycle to gain some lean muscle which is fine by me. I will also take your advise and try to lose some BF% so I can "grow" with other gear in the future. Only question left at the moment would be: Could you suggest anything that would help reduce my BF a little bit? I know there is no magic pill and you still have to work and do cardio et cetera but that's fine... I just need a little help and maybe that little bit of help might do the trick

    I have seen on the internet there are so many different forms of "fat burners" ranging from T3 up and till T6 and I have no clue what is a hoax and what is working for real.

    Thanks again for your reply and best regards!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperJolanda View Post
    I have seen on the internet there are so many different forms of "fat burners" ranging from T3 up and till T6 and I have no clue what is a hoax and what is working for real.
    Don't bother with the other T numbers. For example T4 is for long term use of an inactive thyroid treatment. 100mcg T4 is like 25mcg T3 and in the real world you don't even get the same results. So just stick to T3.

    For "fat burners":
    Clenbuterol and T3 are relatively safe to take presuming you keep within moderate dosages I.E. under 100mcg on both. Do some more research into these so you can assess tolerance and taper them up safely to higher dosages. I would recommend only these two.
    The last of the "fat burners" is DNP. History behind it was to keep the soldiers warm during times of WW2. That being said... It can cook you alive. So either do your research PROPERLY on it or avoid DNP.

    Injectable steroids which help regarding fat loss is just a moderate dosage of Test to have the body favour muscle over fat and of course; Tren, Anavar & Stanozolol but these are more diet dependant.

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    Thanks for your reply Van, i'll stay away from DNP lol, might give T3 and -or Clenbuterol a try next cycle then but first ill look them up and do some research on them. Thanks again, useful information!

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