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Thread: MTS Trenbolone Acetate

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    MTS Trenbolone Acetate

    Good stuff. 2 weeks in and have been getting increased strength. Leaning out a lot.

    MTS stuff is extremely high quality. I hear horror stories about unbearable PIP and tren cough. I'm a beginner in pinning but I haven't had a cough ever since. The PIP from Tren is just there but it's not painful at all. MTS's test e is virtually no pip at all.

    Will be using NPP and EQ very soon.

    Thanks MTS.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Personally I get horrible tren cough when I inject into my quads. Metallic taste and this electric feeling in my scalp with unbearable coughing. If I do my bum or shoulders, I get no issues. Doesn't matter which brand I use.

    No PIP on Tren A... fact. You'll be happy with the EQ and NPP when introduced.

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    I have only ever had tren cough once when I injected too high into my glute! I can do quads 100% fine

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    ^^ah so you got the glute thing sorted?
    I had the worst tren cough ever last night, then again I was putting 5.25ml into a glute lol. Makes you feel ALIVE! and before anyone asks, no it wasn't all tren lol. 1cc of tren e and 0.5cc of masteron+tren mix but God damn. I hate my inflexibility twisting to my left glute

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    5.25 ml into glute, only really supposed to do 3 ml ahaha

    Yes I got it sorted, I found there to be a big ass vein at the top right of my glute so I now go more in the middle and I am fine

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    MTS tren ace has never caused pip for me. Regarding the cough, I only just recently experienced it after about 6 months of using tren everyday. Wasn't terrible like some people describe, but was hard to choke it back... lasted maybe 5 mins, catching my breath wasn't an issue though.

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    In the 10s of MTS Tren A vials i've used in the past, never experianced the 'dreaded' Tren cough once.

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    Tren cough isn't something that can be avoided by good quality gear unfortunately, I've ran tren for about 6 months in total and was unlucky enough to experience the cough once, let me tell you if you get the full blown cough it is no fun at all, I was choking for about 20 minutes and my lungs hurt for the next couple days.

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    Yeah had my first proper cough this week actually after a few months of doing it regular for a few months.

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    Let's have abit more feedback with regards to the product and what it's doing!!all I've heard is about TREN cough!!

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