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Thread: Methyltrienelone, MTS M-tren attempt number 2!

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    WHen did you order and was it from the website?

    I had the most insane pumps on it, my skin went red and purple all over my body!
    Do you still have the vial? What is the batch number if you bought it from the official site?

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    I bought the vials from the official website yes. The two vials (I only used one) are from the batch number 5597. And the order was done the 14/04/15.

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    My batch number is also 5597 exp 03/2016
    Well... this is strange!

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    I have decided I will put this cycle on hold until I am a bit leaner (10% or less) so the superdrol and mtren can really shine through and I'll add some mast, too.

    Currently decided I'm going to recomp and gain strength on test tren deca dbol adrol in and out for 3-4 weeks then get rid of the estrogenic mush by running 100 test e/w, 700 mg tren enth or 525 mg tren ace per week, 50 mg mast prop per day, 200 deca (for shoulder) superdrol inject and mtren inject in and out 3 on 3 off when leaner.

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    You'll enjoy sd and mtren. Especially leaner

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    It should be pretty sick indeed!

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