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Thread: Comeback 2016

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    I plan on a show when I feel I am in the best frame of mind. We got shows in FEB MAY or OCT next year all national shows. Like I said I have not competed since 2006 but I always thought I could have been better and never really took much gear. I think because of my natural shape and structure I could always do well.

    I plan to cycle like I have always for past shows and that is uses fast esters 6-10 weeks out with a good oral. Just at a much more effective dose.

    But for now just building the base on test and EQ

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    I plan on doing a 20 week blast before a cruise. I am 6 weeks in so I got 14 weeks to go.

    As I want to build my base with EQ/test would you suggest maybe making the following adjustments

    MTS test 400 @ 800mg/wk
    MTS EQ 500 @ 500mg/wk

    So I was going to take EQ to 1000mg/wk and test 400 to 1200mg/wk

    I have never ran test more then 750mg/wk but I have always heard the more test you run the more leaner you get?

    Just worried that my estrogen will blow out @ 1200mg or is this just a myth?

    BTW I do have some liquid Aromasin 25mg/ml so do you suggest to run it if I take my test up to the 1200mg mark? Would taking it EOD be ok? I hear some guys suggest that as little as E3D is still effectitve.

    Your thoughts?

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    Up Date 13 SEP
    I have been getting some solid results from MTS and 8 weeks in

    Couple months in 97kg and bf is dropping nicely I guess my was 92kg and fat when I started but slowly turning that around. Goal is to keep improving bf levels and get back to my normal range of 10% off season. Arms at just under 18inches my best was just under 19inches so getting their.

    currently doing
    test 400 3ml/wk total 1200mg
    EQ max 2ml/wk total 1000mg
    MTS hgh 2iu/ed
    Aromison 12.5mg/ed
    plan to run this for another 8-10 weeks

    will post more photos soon.

    Week 9
    test 400 3ml/wk total 1200mg
    EQ max 2ml/wk total 1000mg

    into my second week at these doses.
    did not worry about adding in Aromasin as I feel no need for an AI at this point.

    Been running MTS hgh at an average of 2iu/ed past 13 weeks and getting good health benefits and at 41 years old every bit helps. Although I am going to up the the dose and see what happens.

    As of this week I will do 4iu/ed 5on 2off I will let you guys know how I go with that.

    diet is getting better still not were I want it to be due to work schedule but I will just have to get back to pre packing my meals and manage this better. It is a work in progress.

    planned eating schedule

    meal 1
    1/2 cup oat meal
    7 egg white omelet
    1 scoop of whey

    meal 2

    meal 3
    chicken breast

    meal 4

    meal 5

    meal 6
    casein powder
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    Well guys 12 weeks in and I must say been not too happy with my progress.

    It is not the gear mts products are great. I just wanted too much too soon. Fact is I was too fat when I got back on cycle.

    I mean I had lost all my gains after 14 months of no training and eating like an average Joe.

    12 weeks ago I was around 25% bf 92kg now I had a dexa scan and now 12 weeks later 98kg with 24%bf so yes the cycle worked and I look leaner as a result of add mucle back but the fat has remained. It is mostly around the stomach.

    Just to bring you up to speed my cycle averaged out to
    test @ 1000mg/wk
    EQ @ 750mg/wk

    so I gained about 4kg of muscle without any gain or loss of bf

    What to do now?

    Well on Mr Big's advise the goal now is to bring fat down to 10% this is what I will do
    Tren a
    carb cycling
    low dose of test

    I totally agree with this although I would like to forgo the test altogether so plan is to use mts 200 as the mast in this product will be my replacement for the test

    mts 200 @ 1ml eod

    as I progress would like to add some mts shred to this to kick it up some more and may add some tbol/var tabs as well.

    I will just finish out this week on what I am doing now and start new protocol on Monday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironmaster View Post
    well 2 weeks with no gear and all is still good.
    bloat has gone way down and have come in heaps around the waist (diet program is doing what it should)

    still on the medtropin 2iued my oils should arrive this week so plan to get back on next week.

    I will be taking Mr Big advice and run a low dose of test and high tren. although I feel 700mg/w of tren would be way too high at this stage. the most tren I have every ran in the past was 300mg/w and have used tren a in a cycle about 4 times so I do have some experience with this stuff.

    I was thinking of running the following
    MT200 0.5ml/ed
    test 400 0.5ml/w

    just run until I have some shape back or until I get sick of pinning ed but in fact hoping to do it for 8 weeks. Then switch to

    test 400 0.5ml/w
    EQ 500 1ml/w
    Tbol/var mix 1 tab ed will only run orals for 6 weeks

    after all that I should be back to a good level of performance and from hear just up the test and start building some more mass

    plan on using EQ fulltime I let it do its job over time

    so just running EQ and a good amount of test should be good for off season and then once I have a set date for a show I will just add tren to the mix about 16 weeks out and then when 10 weeks out I will just use all quick acting gear like orals and change my long acting test for test p

    like I said going to be a big year for me in 2016. I am planning on going all the way and hope to not only compete at a national level but also qualify for an international event. With all my years of training plus I do have the genetics for it I feel at an international masters show I could do very well.
    hoping for say NABBA masters Worlds or Universe

    Looking back this is what I should of done but I was too eager to put my size back on and just ended up a bigger physic with the same amount of fat.

    So not all lost as I did gain most of my muscle back about half of it.

    I am still 10kg of lean muscle from my best.

    at my best in the off season I was 89kg with 6%bf and at my biggest 97kg @13%bf so I am aimmimg to get back to that.

    As for now I will no longer post in this thread.

    I will post progress in a new thread under cycles with the advise from MR BIG.

    Just before I sign off I want to make it clear MTS products work as you can not complain with a 4-5kg gain of muscle in 12 weeks with no extra fat gain. this was also achived with an average diet. So just goes to show how good this stuff is.

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