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Thread: Comeback 2016

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    Post progress pics if you have. Thanks.

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    Ok guys.
    This is not the best pic just taken with my mobile phone. trust me I look better in real life. does not help I am fair skin to begin with and the shot from mobile will wash most of the physic out. But what the pic does show is you can see how thick the muscle is and the bulk of the muscle.
    I plan to by a new camera next month as my old one has for some reason not working.

    Like I said plan is to now take test 400 2ml/wk EQ 500 1ml/wk along with low dose of hgh 2iu/ed for general health and help support cycle.

    My diet has not been that get as I think the Tren e has effected my appetite so I am hoping dropping it will make me feel better.

    Work has been busy and long as I work 12hr shifts we do around 2/3 days on with 2/3 days off plus got a young family now that takes a lot of my free time.

    So the best plan i have come up with is to only train on my off days and do cardio on my work days.

    i just find training on work days is too much and really non productitve training before work is dangerous as getting out of bed and training at 5am no food in my gut plus rushing the workout so i can get out the door for work by 615am just not going to be worth it.
    After a long 12 hour shift i just find it real hard to go hard in the gym after that i mean all i want to do after a shift is come home greet the family have a good meal rest a bit then hit the sack. So training is best left for off shifts. Cardio on the other hand is no dramas to do 30-40mins before work. So that is the plan for the next 6 weeks.

    Diet wise was thinking lower carb diet on work days and bring the carbs up on training days.

    Like to here what you guys think?

    BTW will post some better pic is 4/6 weeks.

    ironmasterComeback 2016-bodybuilding-006-jpg

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    Wow. Looking well. Would love to know your sets n reps atm. Chest is looking solid bro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by getnripd View Post
    Wow. Looking well. Would love to know your sets n reps atm. Chest is looking solid bro.
    because of work I just do an upper/lower body split.

    I generally just do 3sets of 8-12 once I have warmed up. Say on chest I am doing inclines I will do some dynamic work with the bar using light weight then 3 sets of warm ups say 60kg 70kg 80kg 90kg x 3-5reps then put working weight on 100kg and do 3 sets with this for 8-12.

    I will only do one exercise for each part. But I rotate extra work like this.

    upper body with chest focus
    lower body with quad focus
    upper body with back focus
    lower body with hammy focus

    on the focus part days I will do more exercises for that part that day.

    with delts and arms being on upper body days because they come after back or chest I really only need to pump them up so I will do super sets or giant set for those parts and pick only one exercise and do 3-5 sets resting about 90sec after each super set or giant set.

    so the basic works out look like this

    upper body
    chest 3 x 8-12
    back width 3 x 8-12
    back thickness 3 x 8-12
    giant or super set shoulders 3-5 sets 10-15
    arms super sets 3-5 sets 10-15

    lower body
    quad 3x 10-15
    hams 3x 8-20
    calf 3x 10-30
    abs 3x 25

    btw I will also be including what every focus part I am doing that day as well.

    plus I warm up a lot on my first exercise of the day and as work progress warm ups are reduced or eliminated.

    so I do not get unbalanced I will start one workout with back before chest and change that the next workout. same with legs I will do quads first one day then start with hams the next.

    so far it is working.

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    I am planning on getting my home gym back up and running again soon I sold most of my stuff off awhile ago. I have a good 6x6 shed area that I will fit out again and as I get more into competitive training it will come in handy as I can workout when I like. atm all I have left is a power tec multi bench and small cable x machine. Got to get a good power rack and a couple of select machine. I plan on spending about 20k. not all at once but over time. I think this is the best way. I mean I do not know if it is because I am and old fart now but I just get sick of training in local gyms.

    For one you see a lot of knobs in there and with all my years of training plus knowledge over the years I see a lot of fucken stupid stuff that gives me the shits. I know what I do works as I have proven in through my competitive years as a bb and have over 13 titles to back it up. It just shits you when you see some young guy talking shit and looks like shit or you get the guy who has some muscle on him and is on the gas and thinks he is Mr Universe. I am really over it all. You know the guy I mean has a great big back but no chest or good upper body with no legs or the guy with big arms and delts with not much else but thinks he is huge.

    Most of these guys have never seen a real good physic and the guys that do look half decent have their heads so far up their arse that the are just cock heads. Gyms also don't like bb in their gyms. I have always tried to give bb a good name but I guess they are few and far between.

    I like the guys on here at least here you can find the help and encouragement you need and no one has an ego. That said an ego is good other wise we would not train hard and better aim to be better then the average guy but as the Great Lee Haney said an ego is great as long as it is a healthy ego.

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    Well guys,
    hgh has arrived so will be back into it after a 12 day break. This should not effect results too much. Anyway at this stage only want it for better health hence the 2iu dose. Although as I get closer to my show date I will increase it naturally.

    So plan is next 6 weeks all MTS products
    500mg EQ
    800mg of test 400

    2iu/ed hgh

    training on days off work and do early morning cardio on work days it would look like this

    day 1 upper body
    day 2 lower body
    day 3 morning cardio
    day 4 morning cardio

    like I said been slack on diet so this is an area I really want to improve on and can. It is not that I am eating crap it is some days I miss meals or just don't eat at all. I put it down to the Tren e I was using. I just did not feel good on it my moods too up and down. results ok with it but I think it may have been under dosed. I have used good tren in the past and I know what it should do and this product feel a bit short. So I hope the above change works out well.

    Oh and just note on record the TREN E was not MTS it was MAX PRO. Guess Mr Big was right. Anyway I got so MT200 on hand and will get stuck into it very soon.

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    Thanks for all the information ironmaster. Really interesting. I like the idea of upper/lower split. Going to give it a try. Thanks for taking the time out to respond so thoroughly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironmaster View Post
    So plan is next 6 weeks all MTS products
    500mg EQ
    800mg of test 400
    2iu/ed hgh
    This is a pretty low amount of gear for a national level bodybuilder. You plan to increase or you will change it up? 500mg EQ is low IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR BIG View Post
    This is a pretty low amount of gear for a national level bodybuilder. You plan to increase or you will change it up? 500mg EQ is low IMO.
    Agreed on EQ dose, I have only ran it once at 1g per week for 14 weeks but even that felt mild, next run I will try 1.5g.

    When is your show date? And what compounds are you planning to run from say 12 weeks out to comp day?

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    Yes I agree. Been on 500mg EQ 6 weeks now. plan to take it too 1000mg next 2 weeks. I have never ran EQ more then 400mg in the past for 12 weeks and results had been ok. More fullness and vascular. Although not much more in the way of new muscular growth. At 500mg I am seeing similar results and this is going to be a long cycle of EQ 20 weeks. So like Big D has said the jump from 500 - 1000mg was the sweet spot. So I will take it their soon and compare the results verses 500mg.

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