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Anything over 120 mcg is overkill, not required for the results anyone seeks [fatloss] - Especially if you are using pharma grade. Clen/T3/tren - should be all thats needed to get to a decent bodyfat level. Unless you are in a time crunch & need to get in shape very fast. Some people really push their bodies with multiple different fatburners in the mix. Not a healthy approach to be honest.

Personally I never go over 80mcg . Its effective & can be run for as long as required without having to worry about over-working your heart.

People do get cramps on it , this only means that your taurine levels are going down/depleted. Clen is known to reduce the taurine levels in body/heart .

Supplementing it with 3-5gms of taurine will fix the cramping for most.
Oh I completely agree. I am generally content at 80-100mcg depending on how I'm feeling.
Taurine also kept my testes in check too along with less cramping. There was a journal somewhere on another forum of a study that showed taurine eliminated shutdown from nandrolone at a pretty decent dose. Shit is so cheap might as well run it year round as it has other health benefits too.