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Thread: Massive transformation

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    Massive transformation

    Been using exclusively MTS and the results speak for themselves. You'll find haters everywhere, but bottom line is... the stuff works.

    Massive transformation-e43126eaff19e1241ca0a1a91b12d441_crop-jpgMassive transformation-jpgMassive transformation-untitled-1-jpgMassive transformation-untitled-2-jpgMassive transformation-untitled-3-jpgMassive transformation-untitled-4-jpgMassive transformation-20140831_142208-jpgMassive transformation-img-20140621-wa0001-jpgMassive transformation-10592807_10204302545103889_7059495816478849346_n-jpg

    This is a around 3 years of training and many of those years not training seriously

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    Well done

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    oh wow top right pic is impressive

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    Insane transformation bro. Dry as a bone!

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    6'4" checking in....very impressive!

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    excellent transformation, What compounds were you using?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnevo90 View Post
    excellent transformation, What compounds were you using?
    These were taken at different times, so of course different compounds. Only ever used standard stuff...

    When I'm cut... eca, clen, test p, mast p, tren a/e/h, anadrol
    When I'm fat... deca, test, dbol, anadrol etc...

    Nothing fancy ... I always use insulin and hgh by the way. Humalog, Humalin R, and Lantus + Norditropin and Jintropin

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    Really impressive, keep up the hard work!

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