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Thread: Halo?

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    Seems like everyones eager for it!

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    I am checking daily, too

    Only place I know of to get Halo os here now my guy who sold HG everything that ia HG got arrested. Could get Stenoxfrom him, pharm var from either mexio phaarmacy.or thailand. Testoviron depot, testex, organon deca and sust originals, pfizer aromasin.. Turkish anapolons and anabol DS... Pharm generic stanozonol and vet test suspenaion man he sold everythig youbname it he sold it

    Then he got arrested
    hia friend aet up ab online store but is it ashadow of its fprmer self... Most hg out of stock.. No wayo get halo or var anymore at hg level.. No more organon deca..

    Really excited for MTS' Halotestin 25 mg pills

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