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Thread: New Boldenone plan: Equimax

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post

    Dieting hard now... super hard. Pretty much exclusively only eating chicken with reggae reggae sauce (that sauce is the shit), 10% grassfed beef, egg whites with some yolks in for fat, steak sometimes if can afford, oats, white rice, bannanas, sultanas and essential fatty acids alongside lots of spinach... some pineapple etc

    Calories are low atm... sometimes as low as 2400 a day

    Weigh 89 Kg carb depleted, 92.5 Kg when refilled, have abs now. 169 cm tall

    Cannot wait to get the water off... did 600 mg nandrolone a week ago to sooth my shoulders but it just fucked up my midsection lol

    damn 2400Kcals is a carbup day for me ;-) 1750Kcals are for none training days.

    BTW i'am almost done with the Lean Gains cycle have been adding 2ML (1000mg EQ) for the last 3 weeks with this cycle and i'am all ready noticing my cardio performance is true the roof and appetide increased allot wow.

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    Lol damn. How much do you weigh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR BIG View Post

    you missed out on the 22 last remaining for 60% discount! Snapped up by another guy, but please pay attention to daily deals. You'll find some great bargains there.
    and it wasnt me?! lol

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    Long time equi max user here. Btw, whats the thinner needle you guys have been able to push it through? It goes down easily enough on my 22Gs which I have been using for quite some time, but I'm getting a bit burned out of using such thick needles and I was thinking about downgrading to 23 or 25s, but I don't know if it will go through the 25s although they would be my first choice.

    Btw, something that would be great would be some needle gauge recommendations in the product descriptions!

    Anyway, great and convenient product.

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