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Thread: Is hgh useful for cutting as well as bulking?

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    Is hgh useful for cutting as well as bulking?

    I have used hgh for cutting up last year with small doses split throughout the question is should it be used for a bulk? I have access to legit pharma grade hgh of a leading brand...2iu is also extremely strong would 2 iu eod help during a bulk?

    When cutting i used 1IU morning and 1IU post workout to cut up....

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    2iu eod wouldn't be worth it man, you need it at like 2iufor lipolysis and closer to 4iu for helping mass

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    4 iu eod all in at one go early morning/post workout? or split throughout the day? What are the benifits of it during bulking?

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    Some people says 5 on 2 off

    First 3 days of the week on 1 off 2 on 1 off.

    Never used It like that atm i'm at 4iu ed like ******** said 2iu before bed 2iu am

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    i shot on the delts intra muscular works much better than sub q.Using scizen sereno

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    just got some pharma gh pens, and started on 2iu every morning 6 x a week..

    currently cutting , will be bulking come summer time i reckon. is this the best way to take the gh for me? i can only afford 2iu a day 6 x week but i can be on this for years. wont ever have to come off.. looking mainly for skin and weight loss benefits atm.


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    HGH is Always useful, even on 2 iu\day.

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    Acutally if your looking for the benefits of hgh for cutting, i would honestly look into peptides. They are actually superior in this manner. Pinning mod grf / ghrp-2 several times per day will yield better results than pinning 2iu hgh once.

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    GHRP2 will make you super hungry...

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    4iu eod of biotropin really helped fat burning for me

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