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Thread: I'M BACK BABY( with a warning )

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    I'M BACK BABY( with a warning )

    Hi guys

    As the titles says I am back.

    Started back in July 2016 fat and out of shape then after 4 months on MTS products
    EQ max
    Test 400
    I went from 93kg to 102kg @ 23% bf see pic number 2. This was a mistake as I should have lost some fat first before going on cycle.

    Well I cleaned out for 11 weeks with a good PCT and started again this time I took low dose test with MT200 with EQ,max and after 8 weeks the results are great. See pic 1

    what did I do you ask. Well I cleaned up diet and added some cardio last 4 weeks I drop the test and just used Shredded with MT200 with some tbol/var mix along with clen and T3 reason I drop test was I felt it was still keeing me too full and my main aim was to drop bf.

    End result after 8 week 92kg @ 16% bf

    now I am back and heading in the right direction meaning goal now is to reach 12% so diet still clean and still doing some cardio but now want to fill out so I am staying with EQ Test t3 clen


    I just want to let all members know stay away from test suspension. I have always wanted to try and have had 20ml of British knight TS in my draw about two years due to expire this year so I pit it in at 100mg ED I lasted 5 days and through the shit in the bin. The pip was bad it would stick in the needle and take about 5 mins to get it in the site until I used 21g and it went in ok but the pip was even worse and after the 5th shot my body went into shock and I got a bad fever and sick as a dog. So this is a warning do not use it. I must say that by day two my body just blew up and I thought great and pumps even better but at what cost. I think abombs would be better and less pain on the body.
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    How is your diet m8?

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    I carb cycle

    my base metabolic rate has been calculated at 1980cals by dexa so ATM I eat around 2000cals on low day 2400cals on medium days 3000cals on high days

    low days when not training
    medium days on training
    high day every 4 or 5 days and always on a training day

    I eat carbs only at breakfast pre workout post workout off days I eat carbs for my first 3 meals only
    High day I eat carbs at every meal

    low fat protein is eaten with carb meals
    high fat protein eaten with no carb meals with vegtables

    I am not eating red meat for now just fish and chicken may have some now and again

    example carb meal
    150g barramundi
    cup of cooked rice

    example fat meal
    salmon 250g
    mixed vegetables

    Here is a basic day for training

    meal 1
    1/2 banana
    1/2 cup of yoghurt - berries - oats - egg whites
    scoop of whey
    10g of green powder
    blend it all up in water and drink

    pre workout
    100g cooked chicken
    scoop of whey
    1 cup cooked rice

    During workout
    BCAA/EAA mix in 2lwater

    post workout
    scoop of whey

    post workout meal
    1 cup rice

    meal 2
    2 scoop whey
    flax oil

    meal 3
    salmon with vegetables

    last meal if still hunger
    3/4 whole eggs

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    Great Progress mate well done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diary of a beast View Post
    Great Progress mate well done!
    nice sweep on them quads

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    Your diet Is perfect... Someone here knows where i can find real useful informations about diet for enhanced bb?

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