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Thread: Tren a

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    Get singular, Tren's cardio effects are caused by inducing asthma
    Tren increases prostagladins which cause an asthma like response
    Basically for all physiologic purposes, Tren literally gives you asthma while you are on it
    Singular blocks the prostagladins binding to the receptors responsible for causing the side effects and you can progress strongly cardio wise on tren with it

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    Jeez this stuff is seriously powerful
    Started not even 2 weeks ago and I am NOTICEABLY leaner. Strength is skyrocketing in a cut...
    Mass being built like I have never ever seen it at this rate before

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    Quote Originally Posted by hasheagle View Post
    MTS tren ace is very good. Almost zero sides at 50 mg ED. Inject before you go to sleep.
    why inject before you sleep ? just curious mate .. im always concerned about pip on a short ester so i like morning injections so i can move around all day

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    Used the super tren for 2 months, incredible gainz and product. Just ordered my tren ace for last 4 weeks, cant wait.

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    I tried this even at 150mg ED had literally no sides at all and it did its job well

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    The best thing I notice about MTS tren is no sides & minimal PIP, even at 100mg ED. Ofcourse the cardio endurance takes a hit at 75mg + ED dosage , But thats how Tren is supposed to work.

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    I used MTS Tren A 75mg ed .it was my first time with tren And i can say that it is amazing stuff. On the first week i have bad Dreams (so scary <3love it ) and I'm sweating like animal hahah after 3th week dreams gone will run again I thinking about "lean gain" now A+

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    All that tren and no sides?
    Is that right

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    its an individual thing. I tend to get sides very quick while my friend gets virtually no sides at all with the same gear...

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    Sides do vary from personal to person I agree
    But 150 mg a day and virtually no sides. Surely you shouldn't be calling that good Tren. I'm on mts tren a now and the jury is still out. I have also done 75 mg eod of other tren and it worked very well and knocked the shit out of me. I have also done 100 mg every day of another tren with virtually no sides. Because it was shit.

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