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Thread: Tren a

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    I think that some mod will correct me...

    On Jan started using ARL TrenA for 2 weeks, then a friend of mine talked me of MTS so i ordered some TrenA and TestP from MTS.

    You guys should know that Trenbolone Acetate is made from Merck Serono and it's called REVALOR H that is: TRENBOLONE ACETATE + ESTRADIOL!!!

    Most UGL doesn't kill the estradiol in their TrenA, and this is what makes MTS TrenA very good to go! Not to mention the wonderful oils used!!

    The ARL TrenA is made from Revalor H like all TrenA but it has Estradiol in it... imagine to be estro sensitive and run it without tons of Aromasin....RECIPE FOR DISASTER!

    So my choice? FOREVER MTS. I would like to see some DHB... that's it. Thx MTS for wonderful service and quality.

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    Not really Rob, as said the sides differ per person and i was on tren a while before i upped to to 150mg so my body was quite use to it. I didn't stay on 150 for long maybe 2-3 week? This was mainly due to the cost and the budget i was on.

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    Been using this a little while - proper good stuff, hardy any PIP which is good for a short ester and got all the right gains, in the bedroom and the gym, vivid dreams the lot - love it

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    Just started back so I broke myself in again for a few months. When I was in the gym I heard so much bout tren ace. So I decided to jump on in and see. BOY does it work and so quick, there's some sides but nothing that ain't worth it at all. MTS tren ace certainly hits the spots!!

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