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Thread: Advice on Workout Frequency While on Cycle

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    Advice on Workout Frequency While on Cycle

    Some of you are aware that I'm new to the AAS world. I have been a competitive marathon runner for the past 10 years. In all modestly, I'm close to the elite level and usually win or finish in the top 3 in my age division during marathon races and half marathon races.

    I'm 57 years old and winding down my running career and I want to build my body up by adding a few extra ponds of quality muscle. I'm really not interested in becoming a body builder with a large muscular frame.

    I'm currently in week 4 of the following cycle:

    Week 1 -11 Test 400 1ml EW
    Week 1-10 Deca 300 1ml EW
    Week 1-4 Oral TBL 25mg ED
    Week 5-9 Oral Epi 15mg ED

    As much as possible, I'm trying to stay away from products that contribute to hair loss. It's also important to point out that I'm currently on TRT under the care of my Doc, but I'm not using the Test-C that he has been prescribing for me because I'm trying out the MTS products.

    Before beginning my cycle, I weighed 168 pounds...a very lean runner. I have gained 13 lbs. on this cycle so far and I'm very happy with the results...thank you MTS for providing me with such great products!!!

    My goal is to keep building moderate, not large, muscle size with a good look. I have read that there are essentially 3 types of training:

    Training Each Muscle Group 1 Time Per Week
    Training Each Muscle Group 2 Times Per Week
    Training Each Muscle Group 3 Times Per Week

    Which approach is best for nice, moderate muscle growth while on cycle?

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    My ideal workout regime if I had the time and work allowed would be training every muscle twice per week and training 5 days a week with a morning workout and afternoon workout.

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    You need to make sure you have the diet and the rest to support your workout regime, without those you'll burn out at some point.

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    1day on, 1 day off, 1 day on, 1 day off, etc....

    Every Bodyparts once per week.

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    Thanks for your advice! I'm currently working each muscle three times per week. Two of those workouts include heavy lifting...more weight and less reps. One workout in between includes lighter weights with more repetitions. My thinking was to mix things up so muscles don't grow accustomed to the same workout. I know that working the same muscle group three times a week doesn't leave a lot of time for recovery, but I have been told that it's necessary to take advantage of the building components and recovery benefits of the compounds.

    Diet is not a problem for me. Much of my success in running is due in large part to my disciplined diet. My only change is that I'm eating much more protein. I must say, the expanded muscle development and the person that's looking back at me in the mirror is very satisfying.

    Very happy that I found this sight and very fortunate to have friends on this board to help with advice. And, I'm particularly fortunate to have available such awesome MTS products!!!

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    Forgot to mention that I work upper body three times per week and lower body twice a week. I run twice a week...about 5 to 10 miles. Still planning on competing in a few races this year while off cycle, but the extra muscle weight will probably slow me down. I don't work my lower body as hard because I don't want extra interferes with running speed for distant races.

    Does this make sense?

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    How are you managing to train each muscle group up to 3 times a week? Are you training groups of muscles in the same session?

    Only advice on the diet side of things given your workout frequency is to ensure you're getting vitamins, rest and plenty of carbs/water.

    Also are you monitoring your health in any way? You're on the older side of things and yes your hormone stack is gentle health wise but it would be a good to test your blood pressure multiple times a week to make sure it's not getting too high (everyone should do this not just older folk), you've mentioned you're a runner so I'd presume you're pretty healthy but it's always good to monitor.

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    My workout routine is not very sophisticated, but I'm seeing nice muscle improvement. I work the same upper body muscles 3 times a week(chest, shoulders, back, and arms). The only difference is that my Tuesday and Saturday workouts involve heavy weights and lower reps with the Thursday workout including less weight and higher reps. I work my lower body on Wednesday and Sunday...medium weights and medium reps. I also run 5-10 miles on lower body workout days.

    Is this a reasonable workout routine for someone wanting only moderate muscle development?

    I also add clean carbs to my diet, but I'm eating much more protein than ever before. However, the extra eggnog and goodies during the holidays created some carb problems for me .

    Great advice on blood pressure! I actually check my blood pressure 3 times a week. It has gone up since adding my hormone stack. I used to average around 107/76 when I was racing marathons. Now I averages around 118/78 to 122/80 since going on cycle. I have read that blood pressure does increase while on cycle and I will continue to watch it.

    Great advice on getting more water and rest! This is something I'm not doing very well.

    Thanks for your advice brimmy!

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    New posting on here, been training a while and found taking every 3rd day off for rest works well for me, used to do the standard bro-split and have weekends off but much prefer this now.

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    2 days on 1 day off usually is fine for muscle develop.

    Progressive overload.

    Not more than 1 hour.

    2 days a week of cardio liss at least 30mins a day will be beneficial for health.

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