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Thread: Med methyl tren

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post
    Sorry Mr Big
    I saw you mention his name here so I thought it would be okay

    I am.not sure what it is but it uncomfortable but goes down when I drink a lot of water

    2+ mg is a vvveerryy large dose of i.m mtren if it ia real and dosed correctly
    1 mg i.m of mtren if it is what it says on the vial is very powerful stuff!

    If you dont get good results on 500 mcg ed i.m it is bunk

    That being said, I.M is far less hepatotoxic than oral administration because you are bypassing 1st pass.metabolism and also 70% less blood goea through the liver that way so you are also getting 70% less compound (thepretically) proceased y the liver.

    For example guys run high doses of oral winny for 6 weeks end up with high liver enzymes etc but similar dosing i.m showm much less liver stress
    In all honestly I thonk they were over reacting. I was planning on uaing 250 mcg for 4 daya 500 mcg for 5 days 750 mcg for 5 days I.M. Then full lft after. Imo that isnt irriaponsible at all. I shpuldnt have been banned imo.
    no you shouldnt, but anyway, please keep us updated

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    Started adding 1-1.5 g of salt per litre of water I drink to get my body to hold more water

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    After increasing water intake futher as well as adding 1.5-2g of salt per 1.5 l.of water drunk I have woken up feeling like gold! Great sense of well being, full of energy. Muscles are FULL like no other. It is uncanny. Woke up with a full body pump especially in arms lats and back. Arma are just so full I am almost muscle bound. Just did my ahopping and carried a big ole bag.of stuff and I.noticed my tricep was pumped and bulging from my jumper and felt ultra strong... Like you can feel the water in there like a waterbed lol

    Just drinking my 1 l of pineapple juoce with 6 egg whites and a chicken wrap with 0.5 l of water to replenish lost potassium from the aldosterone spike from all the sodium.

    Knee ia feeling good, too!!

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    Forgot to add:

    I drank 4.5 L of water/milk over the course of 3.5 hrs before bed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post
    Forgot to add:

    I drank 4.5 L of water/milk over the course of 3.5 hrs before bed!

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    LOL.Mr Big it was!! But it worked

    woke up feeling awesome, no dry.mouth etc clear bladderfull of urine

    Amazing Sheiko training session today! Squat max programmed in at 300 Kg and anhilated it like it was nothing... Like a fly on the bar.. In just a belt no.sleeves or wraps and a crappy belt at that. I weigh 94 Kg bloated competing in 198's or might do a mega like 7-8% blasting tren npp and test for like 24 weeks slowly cut down and gain strenght

    Id put my.max at 310-312.5 kg belt.only sq right now! 8 weeks of higb vol training and thn a 4 week peek on 1 mg ed mtren shluld at a 325-330 kg squat though id be happy to take 320 belt only no sleeves

    only 5 all time wr iirc at 198 and 18

    Yes it is dep enough I have a coach watching depth

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    Oh yeah also I was sweating like a pig like literly drippig sweat everywhere constantly like 1-3 drips per second constantly lol

    also got so frusterated and pissed off at the gym's cheapy barbell because the centre worn away and it is bent and I ha nk.chalk on me that it slipped back a few sets toook me ages to calm down like id rak the bar and be like "for fuck" and.just shake the bar.violently

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    Mate! Get yourself to a proper gym !

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    I am in the process of moving

    even more people have left the gym now

    only people there are people who cannot afford to travel to the better gym.a few miles away

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    Sounds pretty intense. Have you used shredded blend?

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