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Thread: Med methyl tren

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    my dream is to test this thing LOL i'm thinkin on order soon to test on my first prep

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    It seems the past 3-4 days this compound has changed up a gear into full speed

    Mood sides are apparent... Zero and I mean zero tolerance for bullshit. Quicker to snap and more likely to snap than being on 40-50 mg stenox a day but when I snap it is less severe. For example I was walking into co-op to get food and an overweight woman was waddling out as I was walking in so I stepped back, smiled and politely gestured for her to go first in a good mood. She looked at me and scrunched her face off and waddled at a greater pace past me and disnt say thankyou. I instantly flipped and just ahouted "THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME PAST!! HOW KIND!" in a really sarcastic tone and mutteree under my breath words such as "fucking bitch" for the next 20 or so seconds.

    Empathy is at an all time low. I dont have the energy to spare other people's feelings at all. Eg my mum's friend's daughter kept asking me if her dress/makeup looked good looking for validation so I said bluntly and honestly "It looks okay, nothing I'd find stunning." to which point she got all upsey and angry. I held my head in my hands during her ranting then cut her off saying "Why are you looking for my validation? Surely what that you like it. I my honest.opinion, feedback, and you dont like it so why did you ask the question if you are going to get angry at a neutral reaponse. Fuck off."
    Or somethibg like that. Obvioualy didnt go down well... Apparently she liked me now she doeant lmao... Like i give a shit

    Just get aggitated at amall stuff like food not fridge because aomeone crammed their shit in there careleaaly without using 1/8th of their brain and 10 s out of their day to put the itwms in an ordered way. Sorry I cannot type anymore about it bexauae it is pissibg me off.

    Night sweats are horrendous now. Wake up stuck to the aheets. Had horrendous cramping last night. All sleep ia broken. Probably avaragjng 2 hrs then waking up for 10-30 mins then sleepibg another 1-2.. A total of 4.5-6 if I am lucky.

    Appetite is beggining to decline

    No lethargy since upping fluid intake.. Just tired.. I have to have a nap or two so I am rested

    Strenght ia climbing. Maxed out the chest press machine for 12 slowww easy reps with two torn rotator cuffs, i can hardly train upper bosy until they are aurgically repaired. aim for a >400 bench.. Hopefully 450-500 raw.

    Squat max has jumped up a predixtes 12.5-17.5 Kg in a few daya from 300 Kg to about 315 Kg belt only bellow parallel.. I feel the steenght really has taken off ib the past 3 days.. Immense jumps per session even at an elite level.. At least equal to 20-30 mg stenox

    Also my skin and face have turned red

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    400-500 lbs btw lol obviously

    182.5-227.5 Kg

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    Aggreaaion is getting.more severe

    anyone that raises their voice or shows aggression towards me gets a no holds barred reaponse. Cannot stand it. Usually I am a really quiet passive almost meek peraon so people treat me like a.punching bag for whatever reason. There is this this asshole friend of my mothers that comes to tjlhe house sometimes. I got my milk out of the fridge and thougbt that there was less in there than expected so in a really plesant non angry tone (I wasnt angry, I wouldnt have cared if he had used aome of my
    milk as long as he told me so I wouldnt ruin my
    prot intake for the day)
    I said with a smile in a good mood "Hey man, don't suppose you used any of thia milk for a cup of tea did you? I don't-" and before I could finish he just cut me off ahoutig like "NO I DIDNT USae YOUR MILK. WHY WOULD I FUCKING USE YOUR MILK FOR? DONT ACVUSE ME OF USING YOUR MILK!" I then replied in an angry tone "I wasnt accusing you of anything, I just wanted to know, I dont mid if you used a bit if you just told me" so he kept shouting like "Why would I use your shit for? I can afford my.own food blahblahblah" to which poit I exploded started ahouting loudly at him saying stuff like "dot talk like that I was just asking a light hearted question you fuckig asshole" whilest starting him down then he started ahouting and tried getting in my face to which point all hell broke loose with me shouting like a drill instructor in hia face saying atuff like "cmon then har man fucking hit me! Get in y face ill slit your fucking throat!"
    I then walked off

    also even worse night aweats last night at 3 hrs sleep

    weigbt ia going up about a kg (2.2 lbs) a day

    It is really hard tl keep your cool on this stuff. Stay away if you are an angry person or have to keep a cool head or deal with people. Seriously one shitty angry glance from somrone or someoe talking wjth a raised angry voice reason sets so bad it is scary. Lack of sleep isnt helping. I am not angry most the time, just angered farrrrrrr easier when someone acts shitty towards me for a stupid trivial reason or big themselves up. Ill be 100% fine and calm most the time but all it takes os for some aggreasive pugnacious asshole to start on me and I snap like a motherfuker. Like usually someone will act shitty to me and like a pjnching bag and Ill just feel bad/angry and hold onto it and use it for my training and just take their shit without saying much back lr challenging them, now I just explode and get in theor face and woulsnt give it a 2nd thought to so serious damage to them if they dared get physical. Even when peoplw get physical with me ill just say "get off me" and at.mosy shove them away now Id probably aim to do a much damage a possible withoht caring like stomping down on both theor knees with full force severing their acl lcl and pattella tendons putting them in a wheelchakr and punching their theoat or somethig or like grabjing their haor and alamming their head down as hard as I could onto my knee while kneeibg them a hard a I could

    I have always felt the desire to do this to people who treat me like ahit but now that inhibition of "I dont want to upset thia peraon by ahoutkg back or getting physical back and hurting them" has gone out the window and I would. Not in the mood to look for fighta.. You are a piece of ahit if you do that.. But id go all out and aim to kill if aomeone punched me or something

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    Decided this will be the final day of the mtren trial run

    I have seen that this drug is great for strength gains and foud what the side effects are like
    Which ia all I was aiming to do

    The reaults have been good so far and they are getting greater and greater by the day. It is almost a shame to stop now where I feel the drug is work the best but oh well.

    I will get a lft done now

    My next run will be 1000 mcg ED for 3-4 weeks peaking for a big squat

    Weight has gone from 93.5 Kg morn weight to 97.5 Kg morn weight

    Hopefully this weekend i will get some good proper sleep which i have missed for the psst weeks


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    Reading on a forum people were saying you can just drink injectable methyl tren? Which makes sense seeing it's a methylated oral anybody drank it before?

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    Fellas make this stuff sound astonishing, I think I will have try 2 vials. See what it can do with drying and look in a lean state

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo2398 View Post
    Reading on a forum people were saying you can just drink injectable methyl tren? Which makes sense seeing it's a methylated oral anybody drank it before?
    Yes you can!! I squirted 750 mcg under my tounge once pre workout and held it there for 2 mins or so then swallowed with a cup of water...
    HIT TOO HARD lol
    Immense headrush, my vision went black and spotty.

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    cool afro dude haha

    nice transformation as well, keep killing it!

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