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Thread: Puffy nipples

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    Raloxifene is better than Nolva and less sides. Maybe add dhts as dht in the absence of estrogen causes breast cell apoptosis. This is the treatment of breast cancer. People have had decent results with nuked estro, serm and Masteron. Also since no aromatising compounds mast will keep you suppressed so no natural test to throw things off so no further ai needed. Just food for thought.

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    Just to let everyone know if youre interested or wondered what happened I went to the doctors and took some blood tests and the doctor confirmed it was gyno. However I also saw a picture without my top off from a few years ago before I started bodybuilding and I have slight gyno there too which makes me think its mainly from puberty.

    My bloods came back - my LH was pretty much 0 and my TSH was slightly above expected (4.2) and my testosterone levels were very high. My prolactin levels were 4 which the normal range is somewhat 45-375 mU/L which somewhat contributed to my depression. I drove it down using Dostinex thinking I had prolactng gyno. Estrodial was not shown on this test so fuck knows what it was.

    Stayed off the steroids and my testosterone dropped - started getting acne, mad mood swings, depression, muscle loss, no energy, no libido, ed etc. I was also taking 20mg of Tamoxifen and 50mg Clomid - which did nothing really for my gyno. Neither did Letrozole.

    Anyway - I got some HCG and did 1 shot 1500iu every 4 days three times. Sooner I was back to normal had sex drive again, stopped loosing weight and felt better and everything. Carried on with the Clomid and tamoxifen and had another test literally 3 weeks after the HCG. The effects of the HCG started wearing off and I lost my libido again but I was not depressed or anything at all like I was.

    My testosterone levels where at 6 which they was previously at 34. A normal range is 8-27 nmol/L/. My depression has now gone, libido still low and my doctor said it will take time to get it back. My weight is now steady at 10.8 stone where as when I was on cycle I weighed 11.8, lost a good stone - maybe if I did the HCG sooner I would of kept more. Estrogen levels where at 57pmol/L which is a very low range. I still have gyno and will be seeing an endocrinologist next week as I believe it is still progressing. I am not suffering from really high estrogen but more of a hormone inbalance.

    I have been off for around 3 months now. Going to see how I am in May then will start another cycle but this time a short cycle of 10 weeks instead of a year round cycle.

    Going to try some HCGenerate for libido - heard some good stuff about it! Tbh I think the HCG has definently kick started my HPTA back up to a low level - and this will improve in time.

    Basicly - I think my gyno was flared up by high levels of estrogen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magician View Post
    calcium d glucarate 2000 a day,

    most people i got to try it noticed OVERNIGHT difference. around 8 ppl so far.

    "Calcium D-Glucarate promotes the body's detoxification process and supports hormonal balance.

    Calcium D-Glucarate is recommended by the AMC Cancer Research Center"
    Do you follow Taeian by any chance?

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    I would follow him just don't know where to find him

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR BIG View Post
    I used to look like that until I got my hands on dostinex.

    Does legit dostinex give headache n general stuff feeling as viagra. I've had some capped shut that I believe was fake and just Ed meds. But if the legit stuff doesn't bring shitty feelings I'd be interested in trying some of this stuff as fuck my nipples...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mejor View Post
    Does legit dostinex give headache n general stuff feeling as viagra. I've had some capped shut that I believe was fake and just Ed meds. But if the legit stuff doesn't bring shitty feelings I'd be interested in trying some of this stuff as fuck my nipples...
    Legit caber did not give me any of those effects and I've eaten my share of viagra, cialis, and caber. Caber doesn't really make me feel anything. I just stopped lactating

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    legit caber fixes it in 3 this on cycle or after it?.Ideally load up on caber on cycle before you shoot tren or decca....

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    Is this brand ok for calcium d glucarate? Any benefit kn taking vitamin b6 also instead of caber to reduce puffy nips?

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    Was having a similar issue. Now I dont know exactly which of the following did something, which didn't or if they all did something but this is what I did to fix my issues (and mine was actual gyno induced from a 5 week anadrol cycle lmao)

    Raloxifene 60mg ED for 4 weeks
    Aromasin 25mg split 12 hours apart ED for 2 weeks, then 12.5mg ED for 2 weeks
    Caber 0.25mg E3D for 4 weeks
    Zinc Picolinate 150mg split 3 x a day (still doing this)
    P-5-P 150mg split 3 x a day (still doing this)
    Calcium D-Glucarate 1500mg split 3 x a day (still doing this)
    Also stopped pinching and feeling my nipples which caused extra irritation and sensitivity
    Didn't have any dairy products whatsoever, diet was extremely clean, also cutting and lots of cardio

    Nipples look perfectly normal, and keep in mind I did this while being on 300mg Test P and 450 Tren A EW

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