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Thread: Recomp cycle

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    Diet for tomorrow:
    100 g rolled oats
    25 g honey
    250 g no fat greek style yogurt
    20 g added vanilla whey protein
    Ground cinnamon
    500 ml water
    Snack if I need it for blood sugar
    200 g apple
    750-1000 ml water

    Pre training
    400 g apple
    300 g greek yogurt
    40 g added whey

    120 g green yellow bannana
    500-1000 ml water

    220 g salmon
    250 g rice
    500-750 g broccoli
    Corn on the cob
    3-4 pinches of sea salt
    1000-1500 ml water

    Pre bed:
    200-300 g 0% yogurt
    30 g vanilla whey
    250-500 ml water

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    Have back injury right now... c7 l3 and si joint are unstable so I can still train but not max.

    While lean and dry at 86 kg with ab and quad veins:
    Deadlift 207.5 Kg x10 proper form no bounce no belt
    140 Kg x 20 olly squat no belt. Since si joint is bad this kills my squat big time.
    Pr is 300 Kg at similar bw
    Bench: Close grip bench with 3 second pause: 115 Kg 2x5 at thr moment. Nerve roor in neck fucks the with wrist extensors and somewhst tricep making it hard to bench heavy. Also tore my pec mildy a month ago so had to stop it for 2.5 weeks.

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    You power lifters really go hard on yourselves lol. I admire the drive though.

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    Recomp cycle-12219526_765499310242252_2763346161180788336_n-jpg

    Photo as of today

    Sorry it is small it is downloaded from fb chat

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    looking good mate. best sq/be/dl?

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    Injuries have limited me

    Best squat 300 Kg
    Best bench 180 Kg but only trained it recently because I tore my supraspinatus ages ago and couldn't bench for a year
    Deadlift is predictdd 280 Kg beltless but I have never maxed deads simply because it isn't worth thr risk right nkw with I juries it for thr platform

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    Wouw,really Flex Lewis like physik.
    Looking strong and thick.

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