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Thread: Help coming off of 100 mcg t4

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    The only true places to get your body temperatur is rectal,in your blood stream
    or in the bladder.
    Every other location is most likely not accurat.
    Working on an ICU,I know what I'm talking about.

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    I have a digit thermometer. Not even joking I will try that tomorrow.


    Bloods are all sent off

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    Did u get ur estrogen and prolactin lvls checked?

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    Could only afford a thyroid monitoring profile from medichecks so no hormones

    Estrogen and prolactin should be fine, only on 500 tren enth no deca. Run very high deca, high tren and also combined both in the past no issues. Also no estrogenic effects like nipples hurting etc and it certainly isn't low right niow

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    Here we go... starting just 50 mcg tomorrow.

    Wish me luck.

    Thyroid results will be in on 100 mcg on Thurs

    Will be logging morning body temps etc

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    Underarm temp 35.8 c

    Aannnddd here we go...

    ....ass temp 37.0 c

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post
    Underarm temp 35.8 c

    Aannnddd here we go...

    ....ass temp 37.0 c
    Did you like it? :P

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    Not too fussed atm since ass temp is spot on normal

    Seems to be the best indicator of metabolic rate vs auxiliary temp

    Test results back tomorrow! Excited and nervous. Have 4 results to compare to so I have a good idea of what homeostasis is for my body.

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    Test results back in a few hours hopefully

    Morn basal temperature
    Oral 36.8
    Arm 36.0
    Ass 37.0

    Looks normal apart from arm. Perhaps thr thermometer isn't reading it right

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