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Thread: Cycle Advice - fast Rebuild

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    Cycle Advice - fast Rebuild

    Sup guys,

    I've been injuried for the last 2 months and lost a serious amount of muscle mass and strength due to not being able to train properly and heavy enough.

    Looking for cycle advice on what to run in order to get back in shape fast.
    Looking for lean quality muscle gain along with strength gains.

    Thats what i was thinking of so far:
    - Test E 450mg / week
    - deca 300mg / week (just for the joints)
    - Tren E 600-800mg / week
    - Methyl-tren 1mg 3x per week

    Quick question on the methyl-tren, haven't run it yet, is 500mcg sufficient for a pre workout boost or should i go with 1mg?
    also regarding the toxicity of methyltren, how long would you run the methyltren at this dose and frequency?

    Thanks in advance and best regards from germany!

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    So I just injected 800mg tren, massive cough holy shit, was unable to do anything the last 20mins. I'm fine now.
    So im going with:
    - 800mg tren
    - 150mg test
    - 300mg deca

    per week.

    May adjust dosage.

    Anyone could give me a hint on my questions regarding methyltren?

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    I used mtren twice. ...honestly not worth it one bit imo

    You feel like you are literally dying, your appetite is beyond nothing as in the smells of food makes you nauseas also your sleep becomes zero.

    I did get shredded and strong though!

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    Thanks for your input.

    I'm going to see and try 500mcg 2-3x per week. Just in case any issue with appetite occurs, i have a bunch of ghrp-6 vials left, so that will be fine i guess.

    How would you rate it as a pre workout steroid? Increased strength/aggression? Worth it?

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    Just to update you guys.

    Been injecting 1mg Mtren e0d for the past 3 weeks and am loving it. It absolutly feels kinda toxic but the strength and vascularity it gave me in such a short time is nothing but astonishing. I'm going to order it again soon. But for now.

    I'm at 4ml tren e, 1ml deca, 0.5ml test which seems to give me everything i was looking for.

    Looking purely for strength. I may even up the tren.

    And a quick question:

    What would you guys use for cns acivity/recovery. Something like masteron?

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    Well methyltrenbolone is WONDERFUL for strenght but it's supertoxic for liver.
    I would run this only the last weeks of a contest, also because it works really well with Winstrol and no test! It will dry you in nothing, if already pretty lean.

    Since you are using 2 19nor 1 test i would add defo a DHT (Proviron, Winstrol, Masteron, Primobolan)
    If you are still low at BF near 10% you will see Masteron shining.
    Since you are using Methyltren, for W is a nono.
    Proviron will help with water also at high bf.
    Primo in the long run will do a wonderful job.

    In my mind i have the cycle of gods: Low Test E, Tren E, Deca, Masteron, Equipoise
    This stack is the most aesthetic you can have, with cannonballs shoulders etc...
    I would run that with all fast esters so i can up the dosage every 4 weeks.

    A lot of people says that Primo will be better than Masteron in that stack, but it's hard to find real Primo... Well we have MTS MUTASION. Problem solved.
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    Thanks for your answer. Well I'm going to see. Everyhing wents fine, rebuild is faster than i first excepted.

    Going more into powerlifting soon. I'm going to add masteron for its mood lifting effects.
    Will add methyltren in some weeks again (1mg ed then) Currently giving my liver a break(2g UDCA and 2400mg NAC per day).
    Would love to see some test/tren base from MTS but unfortunatly its not going to happen :-(

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    Yea but they have cheque drops and halotestin.....

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    Just ordered their Halotestin and one vial methyltren again. Will report back once i have them in my hands.

    Tested tren base from another lab the last week, stuff is insane, have done 50-100mg pre workout. I do like it a bit more than mtren, because mtren tends to make me quite lethargic which i offset using stimulants. Can't remember the exact reason for mts not offering tren/test base. Anyone?

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    On methyltren i usually had flu for 1 week, then hunger gets every day lower and lower.

    I think that this product will be perfect for strict dieting It will dry you pretty fast.
    It's also a very toxic compound so i just use it for max 3 weeks, for 4 weeks i think you must use TUDCA since day 1....

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