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Thread: restarting completely advice needed

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    Good shoulder workout
    3x5 strict standing ohp
    6x12-8 Inc Smith
    5x10-8 rear delt fits
    4x12-10 side laterals
    5x10-12 chest fits
    4x10-8 front raises
    Went home came back for a 250 kcal liss session.

    IF tomorrow. Cheat meal.

    Really cravjg cottage cheese.

    Gonna have 1400 kcal of cottage cheese and fudge whey sauce...stevia cinnamon chillie ginger.

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    Aaaarrgghh. Legit cannot finish this meal. Got 1/3rd through it...

    Imagine a giant ass mixing bowl full of low kal jelly with nearly 1 kg of cottage cheese on top of it with a boatload of thick whey ontop.

    I frontloaded lactase.

    NEVER again. I thought it'd be nice but it was nice for the first few mouhfuls and then it was repulsive.

    Legit crammed. Still have 2/3rds of this monstrosity left.


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    Fuck me.

    I feel gross. BLOAT. BLOAT out the ass. All water has gone out of muscle into sub q tissue. Flat as a pancake. Weak.

    Feel Ill.

    Never again. I knew it would be dumb as fuck.

    Oh well.

    Picked up some gluten free pizza base.

    Gonna make some Turkey and mackerel pizza.

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    After very low carb yesterday just had 100 g oats.

    Aiming for 1650 kcal today.

    Took oral temp after oats....sweating... 38.4 c.

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    Still recovering from yesterday's retarded experiment.

    Look like crap. Still bloated to hell. Water gone out of muscles and just into midsection. Dehydrated because of the stress on digestive system.

    Because dehydrated I am weak.

    Ii don't know what I was thinking. Cottage cheese usually makes my muscles go all full and pop nicely and it satiated me a lot.

    Oh well live and learn hey?

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    Adding 20 dbol ed to my cut to keep me fuller and also to increase dopamine. Increased dopamine means increase mood less food cravings.

    If I get bloated on it or it screws with tren nutrient parting then I'll come off it

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    I don't even get this.

    Despite such small calories my NEAT is through the roof. Sweating balls every time I go and eat even 70 g of oats.

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    Visit physio tomorrow

    Hopefully someone dickhead doesn't knock me off my bike this time.

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    Strength is flying up.

    200 kg deadlift.... 160 kg 5x5 easily
    Squat is about 160 atg vastly limited by my SI joint
    Bench is 105 Kg 5x5 explosive pause on chest.

    This is not bad considering like 40%-50% calorie deficit.

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