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Thread: New B (Help Please)

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    Check your p.m. I sent you something you should take into consideration when selecting A.I.

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    Now as far as PCT goes l am giving you info from how l had my buddy do his after test/Decca cycle and he says he feels great . I don't run PCT because my testosterone natural testosterone production was knocked out from my spinal cord injury and TBI from wounds l suffered in Iraq. So l run 100mg of Test cyp Mondays and Thursday all year round when not using other compounds.

    So this is how l had him do it . Now this is with MTS HCG and their PCT pills so l can't vouch for anyone else stuff. PCT is your most important part of your cycle so don't buy cheap HCG or research AI's or SERMS.

    Ok with that being said. I am going to put a small change to original cycle. Stop test e and Decca at the same time. Get one bottle of test propionate. Run it at 75mg eod for 14 days and while running the propionate take 25-50mg of winstrol. Run the winstrol 7 days longer than the propionate. ( don't worry about the "dry joint myth" it is as much a myth as Decca and EQ are similar) This will help ramp down the total androgen level in your system and it will make a difference in recovery. after last test propionate injection take 2,000 iu of hcg and 1 MTS pct pill. Take 2,000 iu hcg 7 days later and increase PCT pill to 2 a day. 7 days later take 2,000 iu hcg and take 1.5 pct pill. 7 days later 1 pct pill for 7 days . Then take 1/2 nolvadex pill for 10 days .

    This worked great for my friend. He said he feels better than ever and its been 4 weeks since he finished PCT.

    Now everybody is different so this is just a suggestion not the rule. I am not like a lot of people who think they know every damn thing and everything is set in stone and that's that. If you get advice you think is better by all means try it out

    His cycle was 375mg test e
    600mg Decca
    2 weeks dbol 30mg

    24lbs gained . 18lbs kept 2 months after cycle and very little decrease in strength.

    Decca dick can be combatted by raising test e like l said before. Raising it .25ml each injection till desired effect. There is no reason to jump to 600mg-750mg test e if you don't need to. Waste of gear during cycle and in the future ( yes it effects future cycles) . Plus just more sides to deal with.

    As always DIET and TRAINING FIRST GEAR SECOND. BLOOD Work at the beginning, middle and after PCt is finished.

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    Very interesting how easy is it to get blood work and what's the cost?

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    If you're in the UK there is medichecks

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    What's the crack how does it work, what sort of test is it called and what are the main things to look out for and I am in the UK.

    What's best to take?
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    Hormone panel
    Metabolic panel

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    On the topic of force feedibg ...

    I DO NOT recommend it
    You should eat when physically hungry imo

    This is how I developed my ED, ignoring my body's cues and I messed myself up due to it

    Poor move

    Your body will end up not being able to tell when it is hungry or full

    Body is surprisingly good at regulating energy balance.

    It isn't good
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    Their's loads could you have a look and let know which one please:
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    Btw steer clear of the finger prick tests
    Ineffective....I ordered one and after about an hr of mutilating my finger tip with the stupid scewer thing and squeezing my finger it ended up heamolyzing and turning to jelly so they couldn't test it.

    It sucked.

    Go and make sure to get a phleb done otherwise you are time wasting

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    Lol at finger prick story

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