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Thread: First bodybuilding competition coming up!

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    First bodybuilding competition coming up!

    Hey guys,

    22 years
    Bodyfat 8%

    I am planning on doing my first show in March next year (Will be competing in the Netherlands juniors). So i got about 22 weeks for the show. I Will start my cycle at 31 october. The first 12 weeks Will be a bulk and the last 8 weeks to shred down for the show.

    First 12 weeks:
    Gear ofcourse from MTS

    Test 400 (800mg EW)
    Equi-Max (750/1000mg EW)
    Bulk bomb (1 tab ED)

    Last 8 weeks:
    Test p (not Sure yet about dose)
    Pro MT200 (starting with 1ml EOD)
    Stanavar (last weeks before show 1 tab ED)

    (Maybe i will add supertren and/or halo last few weeks but not Sure yet)

    Starting posingclass next friday with my coach. I will Also update with photos weekly.

    Past cycle of mts i got in very good shape maybe i could already upload some photos from that cycle.

    I wanna thank MTS for supporting me with everything. Best gear out of all the brands i tried. You guys are amazing!

    If Any of you guys got advice for me i would really appreciate to hear that aswell
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    Sounds good and with right diet and training I am sure your on your way to achieving your goal.

    all I can say is maybe go with mts lean mix orals say last 4 weeks and test p keep it no less than 300mg/wk
    MT200 would go 1ml eod first 4 weeks then 2 weeks at 1.5ml eod last 2 weeks run it ed at 1ml I find that ramping up this compound for comp prep is best.

    like I said bulk bombs should be ok to run 4weeks on 4 weeks off then finish off last 4weeks of 12 week bulk with them again. take 4 weeks off all orals then last 4 weeks of prep use the lean bombs.

    don't forget a good fat burner in the last 8 weeks and use AI support as needed hgh would be good last 8 weeks of prep for fat burning start 2iu ed and can build up to 4iu or another option would be to run some hgh frag either option would be fine.

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    Thanks for the input man! For me its hard to gain muscle. Losing fat is a piece of cake, Also been in some sick conditioning in my last cycle from mts. I Will upload some photos from the past cycle tomorrow, not on a pc right know

    When i start cutting i will get some more lean gain and pro mt 200 start small and as you mentioned ramp it up closer to the show. Maybe add in some halo and/or methyltren(supertren).

    I was thinking on running the bulk bombs for 6 weeks straight and close to the show start with stanavar and maybe halo to get that sick look.

    I Will run an Ai (Arimidex) from the start to control estrogen 0,5/1mg eod. Yeah i was thinking of taking HGH... the only problem is i'm still a student and the stuff is pretty expensive (and to get my hands on some good quality HGH). Fatburner Will be added ones i start cutting (t5 ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin) And maybe add t3 at 50mcg but we will see how thinks are going.

    Thinking on starting the cycle next week monday instead of 31 october.

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    Tell me if you guys can see the photos, thanks!

    This is from past summer, got in pretty good conditioning all on MTS gear.
    This was a cutting cycle for an vacation/holiday and turned out better then i thought
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    good pics

    you are naturally a lean guy so would stay clear of t3 you do not nEEd it as for e control only use if you have problems too many guys add it because they assume they have high e so do not take it until there is a problem. I have ran 1500mg of test and never needed an AI then there are times when I have been on 500mg of test an gyno flares so I add AI an problem sorted so there you have it high e can raise up at anytime even in pct just make sure you have an AI on hand at all times to civer yourself if prolems arise and remember once systems subside always cycle it down then come off.

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    Thanks man, Appreciate it!

    Yeah that's what my coach Told me also about the AI. Incase some estrogen related sides coming up then add the AI. But you're stupid when running gear without an AI on hand...

    I got some t3 but as you mentioned i don't think i need one. I can cut down pretty easy to 6-7% bf. But know i want to top my conditioning and get next level shreds looking to get to 4% bf. Maybe i'm not the biggest guy on stage but i want to get the best conditioning of them all.

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    Haven't told anything about Food intake.. So i will do that now!

    Basically on 5000 kcals per day
    300-325 protein
    600-650 carbs
    100-125 fats

    Having my all day meals but sometimes i got a meal with something else.

    120 gram oats
    1 Apple
    30 grams peanut butter
    30 grams Whey
    30 grams honey
    4 whole eggs
    2 slices of Bread with strawberry jam

    11/12 am
    300 grams of sweet patato
    200 grams chicken breast
    200 grams broccoli

    2 protein pancakes

    250/300 gram Brown Rice
    150 gram tuna or 200 grams lean ground beef
    200 gram broccoli

    300 grams White patato, veggies and beef/chicken or spaghetti or rice and fish always mixing up this meal.

    Gym 19:00

    160 grams of caned ananas
    120 gram oats
    30 grams of whey protein
    1 banana
    30 grams peanut butter
    100 gram mixed fruits
    30 gram raisins

    4-5 whole eggs or 400-500 grams of greek yoghurt
    2/3 slices of Bread

    As you can see a lot of Food but i have to because of my fast metabolism.

    When i start cutting its ofcourse a whole other gameplan

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    Started the cycle today

    Test 400 (800mg EW)
    Equi-max (1000mg EW)
    Bulk bombs ( 1 tab ED)

    2 pins per week for now

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    Starting to feel some changes after one week. Getting stronger at the compound lifts and my look slightly changed think the bulkbombs are starting to kick in. Very exited!

    Today i got another posingclass and will get some new photos. As soon as i have to idea i made some good changes to my physique i will upload some comparising pics.

    Stay tuned

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    Almost 2 weeks in and already 2kg up in bodyweight. Muscles are rock hard all day. Also been noticing an slightly improved appitite (and i'm already eating over 5000 kcals). Libido is skyhigh.

    Can't wait to see what the next weeks will bring. Will upload with progress pics very soon.

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