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Thread: 350 test enth 800 deca/w

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    I cannot be bothered to split the dosages, I think the adex will work okay using this protocol
    I am pinning ED and the last thing I want to be doing is pinning even more frequently lol

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    Ah OK. I thought you meant you pin all your test for the week in one go.

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    Oh no, I am pinning my tren ace all in one go!
    I am using the testosterone as 300 mg every 6 days

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post
    Lowered my deca dosage down to 600 mg/w yesterday
    Been off AI completely until 2 days ago when I injected the 300 mg test enth and took 1 mg adex with it simply because I was having many high E2 symptoms including my penis not working or having any real sex drive
    Woke up today extremely horny sex drive through the roof

    I will try 1 mg adex 1 x a week when I pin the test
    Good to hear sex drive is high. Do you think adex just once a week will be alright? As it is not a suicide AI?

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    I didn't see this
    I don't think it is a good idea, I'd ALWAYS use aromasin
    A few days after taking the 1 mg adex, my estrogen rebounded hard and I was bloated as bell, face like full on moon face and itchy nips

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    Decently leaner despite only in a 300 deficit-maint calories and I have certainly built noticeable mass

    MUCH stronger, only been bench pressing for 5 weeks due to rotator cuff injuries and my predicted max is 142.5 Kg @ 95 Kg bloated to hell. Yes, I realize this is a tiny bench press for a powerlifter especially a PLer in anabolics but this is 5 weeks from untrained while limiting my progress severely while I rehab my shoulder as I have scapula dyskenesia and some nerve issues. Untrained bench was 105 Kg so I have put nearly 40 Kg on my bench in just shy of 5 weeks on a cut only being able to work in the 12-15 rep range twice a week while not being able to overhead press yet... and I could have advanced faster but I have limited it a bit to not get hurt again! Once my scapula dyskenesia is fixed and the impingement gone a 200 Kg+ pause bench at 90 kg will happen within a few months!

    Sex drive is through the roof , jacking off 4-7x a day... lol

    Sleep was fine and wonderful until about 5 days ago where the trensomnia has started to kick in

    Had tren cough twice and it was horrible

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    Update again

    Bench press predicted max is 150 Kg now, still holding myself back a lot due to the injury, still adding 5 Kg to my bench per week despite limiting myself and spending most my gym time rehabbing the scapular issues

    Sleep is really good again, I figured out I wasn't drinking enough water, I now drink around 2 L of water in the 2 hrs or so leading up to sleep and I now sleep like a log
    I was doing this before as I was drinking around 2 L of skim milk the 3-4 hrs before bed but I stopped it and changed it to ground beef
    Now eating ground beef + the water and sleep is amazing once again

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    Put some apple cidar vinegar in the water you consume around the beef. It'll help it digest much better. I always feel like I have a chunk of lead in my stomach when I consume a bunch of beef but the ACV really helped with that.

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    That's really interesting and helpful, thankyou!

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    Also does wonders for acne on the skin too. I know taiean has posted it on gh15. Just a little bit goes a long way

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