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Thread: restarting completely advice needed

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    Cake binge not damaging. Looked at ingredients etc... 1500 kcal TOPs probably about 1000. Only had 540 beforehand

    Just fill remains with whey protein.

    Worst case is I gain muscle mass
    No biggie

    Back on track tomorrow!!
    Did a 15 set leg workout so if I go 300-500 over today I just gain a small fraction of my legs back

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    Squatted 140 kg 5x5 only limited by pain in my si joint and it was fast.

    After did 3x12 very narrow stance 80 kg.

    Then 4x12 to fail leg ext and curls

    Some calf raises too

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    Benched 100 kg 5x5 super fast and very easy!

    90 s rest between sets

    Followed by 80 kg 3x12 90 s rest between.

    Then I got the 30 kg DBa and did 5x8 flat bench then incline bench. Some rope pulldowns to finish it off.

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    Got a bulk deal on mangoes 8 big onesfor £3.50.

    Went hypo binged on 6 of them and almond butter.

    5000 kcal probably.

    New rule:

    Nothing calorie dense in house
    Buy food as is required per day ie 2000 kcal of food in house at one given time.

    Ab pins gone.

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    Hmm. Ab pins are back but I have grown a tonne of lbm on my legs chest shoulders and tris.

    Maybe my body is requesting the energy resources?

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    Visiting chiropractor today, hopefully fix that horrible SI joint pain!

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    Chiropractor noted l4-l5 is healing! Piriformis muscle healing too!

    So happy
    Might go get dunkin' donuts to celebrate jks

    3 months hard work and I ought to be happy

    Also did some research...autistics such as myself have different gi tract and gut fauna....the result is products containing gluten and casesin have a very strong opiate effect on the brain.

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    Perhaps my body is making me constantly hungry because it is trying to heal? Also I have grown even taller recently clavicles and hips have widened too. Perhaps my body is just wanting to grow and heal?

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    Also been looking at testosterone's ability to prevent muscle wasting.

    One guy dieted on just 800 kcal for 4 mos started at like 255 36% ended up at 10% losing 70 lbs dexa lbm went from 149.1 to 150.3 on 500/w test

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    180 kg dl like the bar

    Did 200 but stopped there due to not wanting to hurt my back, it was I'd say about rpe 6-7
    Prior did 5x5 140 kg easy as hell then 3x1160 kg literally like the bar

    After did a tonne of bb rows supersetted with chins then db rows then lat pull down then hammer curls

    And for the first time in months and months my back is feeling super nice! No tightness no crunching no leg length discrepancies no left calve paralysis. Maybe stuff is on the up for me after such a period of misery?

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