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Thread: Fat as fuck and out of shape

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    Walked another 8 miles today

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    Read through some of your old posts and one thing I noticed is how you tend to sway from extremes to extreme. You have a penchant for making these very big (and unsustainable) lifestyle changes only to have a breakdown and relapse into your old habits a short time later. I suggest finding something you can adopt and adapt into your lifestyle - things you can see yourself consistently doing pretty much without feeling much, if any, disruption in your life. You shouldn't be making changes that lead you to feel like you're giving up or sacrificing your life and sanity away.

    Remember, choose the little bits of effort that add up to big results over the big and sudden changes you can't see past the week.

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    Yes that was always my motto a small change over a large period of time is a big result

    But I have to sort this out. I had a dexa scan done, I'm not 40% I'm actually 27.8% at 93.7 Kg which is just my body dysmorphic view playing into me again

    I have to get this sorted ASAP and I don't have a job ATM so I can commit all my time...Being 21 years old and verging on class 1 obesity is a big deal; it isn't a vanity thing any longer rather literally k have to do all and everything to turn back now otherwise at the least I'll spend the best years of my life fat and in poor health.

    I loathe myself for doing this again

    It was elements of self Sabotaging behaviour..I felt that I didn't deserve my best (90 Kg 8%) because of my low self esteem so I push it away


    Moving forward already added some size and cut some fat

    Honestly I'm past the whole being big thing it isn't worth the hastle

    I got as big as 103 kg 12% at 171 when I was 19 on 1.2 g test 800 deca 30 dbol 50 adrol and 4 IU HGH and honestly it was horrible living that way all out of breath worrying abour ur health all the time from hormone sides

    I'd much rather be 80-90 kg 10% bf on minimal hormones like 100 mg eod test tren mast Eod MAX and cruise on 200 mg a week and keep my sanity and health

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    -1% body fat in 4 days

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    Did benching today and bent floor rows and some kettle ball stuff

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    steady pace wins the race. make a plan and stick to it, use our quality products, eat well and according to goal and do cardio and get laid to de-stress and go travel some and enjoy life outside. all these together and guaranteed you will have a more happier life and look much much better. good mind and body and soul

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    I'm only 21 plenty of time to get a good body

    shame I had one and ruined it

    it happens so quickly with this, I mean you fall into this sedate lifestyle you get into these habits "I'll have an extra bit of my gran's roast that was nice" I'll have that extra few oreos i'll that extra slice or two of pizza I haven't tried these before I wonder what they are like and you see yourself gaining weight but it's okay because you still look good/alright so you say "tomorrow" then tomorrow doesn't come and it happens it literally weeks one moment you are okay the next moment you have a very real problem


    I've gained back a Kg of LBM and lost a little bit of fat over those 4 days accounting for the 1% drop

    BEST recomp/cut I ever did was 25% at 96 kg to 88 kg 8% in 16 weeks it was a livig hell lol

    I'm not that psychobiologically adept anymore however. I couldn't do that again I was verging on a nervous breakdown due to the ectopic stress from all the training and hormone abuse and extreme cardio etc

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    It's pretty funny really out of all the things in this world that could have ruined my wasn't alcohol it wasn't drugs it wasn't a bad relationship it wasn't a bankrupcy it wasn't my histroy of taking upto 400 mg/d of anadrol no it's doughnuts and creme cakes and chocolate bars and oreos lol

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    Walked 5 miles today just getting that cardio up

    Still on just 150 mg/w test

    Just keeping in mind hat even though I look like shit any movement is good for the body..even when out of shape and going for a walk I'll still get the metabolic benefits of it

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    This would be so much easier if I had a girlfriend or something, most/all of the social benefits of being all big and shit aren't even there when you have Asperger's, so you let yourself go down this weight gain road and it just all compounds into eachother.

    I mean life is already shit enough then you gain 25% bodyfat in a frickin' year lol and have no real motivation to get back

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