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Thread: Fat as fuck and out of shape

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    Rode my bike 8 miles today... to my nan's
    Who is making a cheesecake

    Pantry stocked up with biscuits and cakes and stuff

    I'm trying to make light out of this :P

    I was good and had an apple.

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    I also walked 8 K today

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    that's it dude

    knuckle down and burn off that unwanted weight

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    I benched 130 Kg today with a pause easily on my chest
    it was very funny...there awas this fitness chick all in like wearing all the fancy clothes and I came in with my crappy tracksuit and stuff pissing around and she was doing her bench max all super seriously and did 75 Kg then I came over and just randomly started slapping on uneven plates until I got to 130 Kg benched it really easy with like a 5 second pause the laughed as it was coming up and she looked at me like "wtf" then stomped off out the gym it was the funniest shit I've ever seen just imagine this borderline looking untrained fat guy doing a perfectly executed speed bench with 130 Kg

    still got that neural firing

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    round is a shape too! take care and smash those weights

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    lol it was just pure leverage abuse really man

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    had bowel specialist today...basically I have really bad IBS-C lol
    Like really bad IBS C

    All physiologic markers are normal, however.

    Inflammatory markers etc all gtg so apparently it's just psychosomatic

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    Hahah more fatty antics

    today that fitness chick was doing clean and press and she managed 50 Kg then I waddled up and worked upto 90 kg and she got upset again

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    Walked 10 miles today and I did some overhead pressing and bicep curls.

    Did 4x8 50 kg OHP easily then 4x12 OHP all really slow because I'm paranoid about getting injured at this crossroads in my life.

    Any tear could send me spiralling into permanent obesity due to LBM wasting and inability to train so I am taking this easy; no more fatty troll antics. I shall not be bothering the fitness girl any longer with my hilariously somewhat decent untrained maxes anymore no matter how tempting and funny it is.

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    Tried some ACV and bicarb of soda...seems to be helping

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