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Thread: Fat as fuck and out of shape

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    Sucks to look back at this

    19 year old me

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    You need to just pick yourself up mate
    And keep looking at the pic and aim to get back to that point

    You are your worst enemy and need to start thinking positive my friend

    Keep training hard and it will come

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    You are right, I need to be more positive

    I put my self down far too much

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    Lots more walking today and I avoided the free cake and cheese samples in the supermarket :P

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    haha why do my threads get so many views? Guess I'm notorious for being a sideshow or something

    More walking today.

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    You will find mate that most wont have a clue what to say to you without sounding like a cunt

    Well done frome staying away from the crap food

    Chin up and keep working towards your goal

    And rule number1 for you is.....stop putting yourself down man

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    yes I am aware of this. I am completely aware of this. I sound like an idiot.

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    Hello Powertard. Good to see you back. I'm a new member here and I saw all your posts from all over the place on the products as well as the post you made saying you've quit the lifestyle for a year or so and wouldn't be back or something.

    Anyhow you're here now. Means you've managed to get back on the correct rail tracks. Might not be in the perfect direction but its a good start haha.
    Im like you; a younger enhanced user. I've been training with various different friends here and there and noticed that not only strength training as you've stated that fucked you up, but very high volume of training 2h sessions is another way to fuck yourself up. I have a friend whos a natural who has been doing this and currently in the chiropractor as well as the doctors advising him to stay out of the gym for 6 months... Anyhow I want to thank you for your earlier story you've shared with us in the past. I've forwarded it to him actually and he said "wow I was just basically in his footsteps in a similar way"

    Also I'd like to inbox you about your past experiences for information purposes. Would like to hear your view on things.
    Good luck with the cut!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post
    This would be so much easier if I had a girlfriend or something, most/all of the social benefits of being all big and shit aren't even there when you have Asperger's, so you let yourself go down this weight gain road and it just all compounds into eachother.

    I mean life is already shit enough then you gain 25% bodyfat in a frickin' year lol and have no real motivation to get back
    dont wait for life to knock on your door and invite you. this will literally never happen. life is what happens when you wait for it. you have to be determined, have a plan and clear method HOW to get to that plan and then execute it step by step. nothing in life is gotten for free or easy. dont be your own enemy. see things positively and move forward

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    Yes I do need to stop this self sabotaging self defeating behaviour.

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